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Multi - Switch 8 Module

Multi - Switch 8 Module
Item# ROBF1511
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description

This module is very rare, you may find a website that says they have it but once you try and order you will see they just don't.

Although very old, some models require this specific module to activate all the functions. These will not be in stock very long so if you need it pick it up now!

Works with decoder ROBBE # 8884 or ROBBE # F1513 and I believe only on a 40Mhz F-14. (I could be wrong.) I'd love to try it but I do not have any F-14s remaining in stock since Futaba decided to discontinue my most popular radio :-(

We have two of these ready to ship as of 3/4/21. BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL BOX, NEVER USED.