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American Enterprise

American Enterprise
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Product Description

From Halter Marine comes an experimental craft for the hard working commuter. The American Enterprise was a trial balloon constructed for carrying crews and supplies to and from off shore oil drilling rigs. The goal of the Enterprise was to get there and back in a hurry regardless of the weather conditions. To accomplish this task she was equipped with a high speed 24 in. water jet powered by a gas turbine. When they were feeling a bit more leisurely they switched to the 16 in. water jets powered by the two Detroit Diesels. Here is your chance to own a crew ship of your own. This all wood kit is engineered out of top grade birch and poplar plywood, precision die-cut for an exacting fit. A 27 piece cast fittings set is included, as well as many other detail items. The Enterprise runs beautifully under radio control.
To make this kit R/C here is the recommended running gear:
2x MFA01 6-12V Motors
1x DUM2332 Running Hardware Set

Length: 52"
Beam: 12"
Scale: 1:24 (1/2" to 1')