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Dual Throttle Radio w/ Receiver

Dual Throttle Radio w/ Receiver
Item# HAR750
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Product Description

Harbor Models Original!
This radio has been modified by our technicians in the U.S.A. for maximum steering control. This has been accomplished by replacing the left hand joystick with a new Robbe Twin Throttle control. It also required the installation of a specially designed Printed Circuit Board, wiring re-configuration, and fine tuning of the system.

-6 Channel (left sticks: vertical for dual motor control. right stick: horizontal and vertical. switch: for momentary or latching. proportional dial: for bow thruster or other proportional controls)
-2.4GHz Transmission Signal for long range with no interference
-Reciever included
-No binding necessary if you use the provided receiver. Binding is necessary if you use more than the provided receiver or if the receiver loses its bind.

-The “Recharge” port does not function. Use 8 disposable AA batteries or re-chargeable batteries charged on an independent charger.
-The Green Power LED flashes Red when the batteries reach 10 volts or less.

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6 Channel Receiver
Extra receiver for Hobby King 6 Channel Transmitter and Harbor Models' Dual Throttle Transmitter.

Comes with one receiver, one binding plug and binding instructions.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day