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10 Hatch Motor Coaster

10 Hatch Motor Coaster
Item# SLIP123
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Product Description

Availability Alert - Model Slipway has officially stopped production on all of their kits. Hopefully another company will pick up their molds and start production again but for the foreseeable future these kits will not be available.

Built in 1968-73 in the German Democratic Republic for service in the North Sea and Baltic seaports, these coasters were designed as multi-purpose carriers, handling diverse cargoes such as wood, paper, grain, containers etc. Over 30 vessels were originally built for Lars Rej Johansen of Oslo (Joa, Joett & Joff, Jodur, Joika etc) however they have since changed hands and names. A feature is the bulbous bow which reduces hydrodynamic drag resulting in considerable fuel savings. Our model depicts a typical motor coaster of the era.
The hatches are made up of ten identical sections which slide along the top of the coaming sides and stack up against each other along the ramps at each end of the coaming. The hatch sections may be glued together to form one large cover which lifts off in one piece.

Kit Contents:
  • a detailed fiberglass hull
  • Running gear -propshaft, rudder, brass propeller
  • CNC-machined and printed plastic styrene for decks & hatches, superstructure & wheelhouse; thermo-formed lifeboats
  • Metal kits for the winches and anchor windlass
  • A set of cast alloy fittings and etched brass components including brass handrail stanchions
  • All necessary, wire, rod, chain and dowel for masts and booms
  • Three main plans; excellent instructions with numerous step-by-step assembly drawings
  • Paints and adhesives are not provided
  • Tools will be required to complete
  • This kit is recommended for model makers with some experience
Scale 1:50
Length: 1005 mm (39.5")
Beam: 200 mm (8")

Optional Running Gear Packages
12 Volt Propulsion Pack
ONE(1) 6:1 Geared Motors
ONE(1) 6mm X 4mm Couplers
ONE(1) VIP25
6 Volt Propulsion Pack
ONE(1) 2.5:1 Geared Motors
ONE(1) 6mm X 4mm Couplers
ONE(1) VIP25

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