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Power Distribution Panel

Power Distribution Panel
Item# TOM118
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Product Description

This handy unit will eliminate multiple battery packs of different voltages and allow you to power your entire project with one battery.

Protect your accessories with built-in circuit breakers. Brightly marked switches allow the user to recognize with a quick glance which circuits are on. Makes wiring connections quick and easy with a simple terminal.

This unit takes 12 volts from the main battery and supplies:
two 12-volt circuits
two 6-volt circuits
one 4.8-volt circuit for the radio receiver (noted as 5 volt on unit)
two 3-volt circuits

Each circuit is individually controlled by a rocker switch. The 6, 4.7 (5 volt on unit) and 3-volt circuits are protected with thermally activated, self-resetting breakers.

Plenty of amperage for running multiple lights and accessories. The fan maintains a cool working temperature.

Size: 2" x 3" x 5" including mounting flanges.
Weight: 9 oz

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