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Fairmount Alpine

Fairmount Alpine
Item# BB506
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Product Description

The History
In order to meet the highest quality standards imposed by its world-wide clientele Fairmount Marine ordered no less than five new 205 tons bollard pull long distance towing vessels with anchor handling capacities from the Niigata Shipyard in Japan. Of this series, in May 2005 the 205 tons bollard pull FAIRMOUNT SHERPA was delivered and added to the fleet, in October 2005 sister vessel FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT and in May 2006 sister vessel FAIRMOUNT ALPINE, the largest and most powerful tugs ever built for Dutch interests, followed. In July 2006 FAIRMOUNT GLACIER was delivered to Fairmount Marine. The fifth super tug in the series, FAIRMOUNT EXPEDITION, has been delivered in May 2007.

The Fairmount’s main activities are long distance ocean towage and salvage, with its fleet of five tugs of 200 tons bollard pull, the transportation of heavy lifts by semi-submersible barges and the worldwide activities of Fukada Salvage with its modern fleet of offshore support vessels and floating cranes. Fairmount operates a fleet of ultra strong long distance towing vessels, semi-submersible barges including the world's largest unit the 50,000 dwt GAVEA LIFTER and multipurpose offshore support vessels.

The Kit
The Dutch "SuperTug", #506 Fairmount Alpine kit can be static or converted to R/C use. It has a wooden hull that is made using wooden planks on laser-cut plywood bulkheads. Designed using the most advanced methods, all laser cut wood, and complete with all fittings. This model boat kit is visually stunning when completed with vibrant colours and exquisite detail. The kit comes supplied with the following fittings: Lifeboats, stanchions, life rings, pulleys, lifeboat canisters, lights, ladders, vents, brass railing, prop shafts, stuffing boxes, props, kort nozzles, decals and instructions and more!

Please note that although the laser wood cutting is incredibly accurate and close, there are LOTS of laser-cut wooded parts, including some quite small. The average build time we have with this model is in excess of 400 hours.

Length: 39.4"
Beam: 9.5"
Height: 17.7"
Scale: 1:75

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Paints used on this model boat kit are: BB#1, BB#4, BB#5, BB#6, BB#10, BB#11, BB#12, BB#15, BB#35, BB#36, + BB#40 thinner. Please note some colors will need to be mixed together to get the proper shade for the ship. (These are no longer offered by Harbor Models and are here just for color reference.)