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larry bowers This is a scale model of the LA City No 2 built in 1925. It was renamed Ralph J Scott in the early 1960’s.
The model is composed of about 250 parts all printed on a 3D printer in various colors then assembled. It is approximately 3’ long.
Larry Bowers
bob gaito This is my drawn up and scratch built fiberglass 1/12 scale 34 ft Regulator center console off shore sport fisherman. It has all working hatches and doors, spinning Garman radar, draining fish wells, three scratch built Yamaha outboards made from repurposed Krick Z drives bought from the Harbor Model's Catalogue (with much modification), Opening and closing bait and tackle cabinets, Working side boarding/swim door, real teak swim platform, raising/lowering table/fish platform, working outriggers, removable tuna tower (held on by rare earth magnets) underwater fish lights, scale blue deck lights and operational video screens (simulation via back projection thru black window tint).
It was a one year build.
Bob Gaito
leo steinfeld I wanted to build an old-fashioned tugboat and stumbled across some plans for the “Eppleton Hall”, a 1914 British steam paddle tug. I started to build the “Eppleton Hall” back in 2015 and just recently completed it. It is 39 inches long and has 2 drive motors geared at 1:148 for the paddlewheels. I bought almost all of the electronics for it from Harbor Models including the dual control radio, smoke generator, sound system and electrical distribution panel. I just completed a bench test and the Harbor Models components work great! I also bought a number of the fittings for the boat from Harbor Models. Nick’s catalogue, pricing and service are very good!. And if you ever need advice or have a problem, Nick is quick with his responses. Because of its size, weight and strong motors it moves smoothly thought the water a good scale speed.
Leo Steinfeld
bill smith The model of the Heron was built in 1/16 scale, the same scale as the Point Hope. At this scale it is large at 65 inches and weighs about 50lb with 12v Motorcycle battery and 10 pounds of lead to get it to float at its necessary water line. I got the plans from the Coast Guard, they were sent to me on CD rom which made them easy to scale and print from a laser printer.
Its hull is scratch built from balsa, mahogany plywood. The superstructure is balsa, styrene, hobby plywood and brass.
Most of the features and components were purchased from Harbor Models and listed below. two 800, 12 Volt motors, two 25 amp Viper speed controllers, running radar, cabin lights, search light, diesel motor sound module, 2.5in 5 bladed props plus more…
Because of its size, weight and strong motors it moves smoothly thought the water a good scale speed.
Bill Smith
Hermitage PA
martin blood Zwarte Zee. Dutch Ocean-Going Tug. Scratch built out wood taking 13 years. LOA 90” beam 15” draft 7,1/2” displacement 171lbs scaled 1:33. Has working winch, 3 working water cannons (Harbor Models) powered by windshield washer pump. Power Distribution Panel, Sound Module HAR602, Lights, Railings, provided by Harbor Models. Has a crew of twenty, not sure where they came from. Powered by Torpedo 500 with gear box running at 11:1 driving a 4 bladed Brass propeller five inches in diameter. Runs very well, handling large scale waves with ease. Draw back moving it around, spent a lot of time figuring how to move it from place to place.
Martin, Manitoba Canada
martin blood Early dumas kit-fiberglass hull was all I used from the kit. All else was scratch built. Search lights and running lights provided by Harbor Models.
Martin Blood
jeff toncrey jeff toncrey jeff toncrey jeff toncrey jeff toncrey A few vessels in my fleet...
Jeff Toncrey
bill davis This boat is a static model that was converted to an RC model fairly easily. The kit is from Nauticurso and is a 1/35 scale boat. It was modified to have all working lights including interior, running and navigation. I added brass porthole, lighting features from Harbor Models as well as the brass stanchions, propeller and running gear.
Bill Davis
bob gaito This is my latest scratch drawn and built 1:24 scale model of an Atlantis Tourist Submarine (specifically an Atlantis XI from the Cayman Islands.) It's built from fiberglass and Azek trim board. She is a dynamic diver and has fourteen passenger viewing LED flood lights and three LED nav lights. She is powered by a single Aero naut geared motor (purchased from Harbor Models) and has Kort type nozzles that control both pitch and yaw. (she dives and surfaces)
All the graphics, stainless, and brass work and the vacuformed clear plastics are also scratch done. She took 16 months and aprox 1500 man-hours to complete.
Bob Gaito
scott cooper My most recent build. 82 foot CG Patrol boat (WPB) Scratch built from CG plans. 32” static display model.
Scott Cooper USCG (ret.)
bill davis Here is my scratch built 1/24th scale model of a Grand Banks 45ft sports. Thanks to Harbor Models assortment of products it has; a working radar antenna, working navigation lights, working interior lights.
Bill Davis
david heilman The boat is a Midwest Products Boothbay Lobster Boat that I built back in the late 90's. It's been detailed with plenty of items intended for other purposes but work quite well for 1/12th scale. It has working Nav lights, spot light, gunwale/deck lights all controllable from the transmitter. The boat has been in dry-dock for a number of years waiting for upgrades until this summer. Harbor Models supplied a new transmitter and receiver, servo for steering, electronic speed control, relay switches to replace the old push button switches activated by servo pushrods, and new power for the motor. It's great to be back on the water. Now to drop some traps!
David Heilman
Don Mceachern Don Mceachern
Roy Bonham  The Coast Guard had four 52’ MLB made to handle the rescues in the waters off the coast of Oregon and Washington. The Intrepid is one used out of Coos Bay. This model is a 1/12 scale, 52” in length with a 9” beam. No plans were used, just pictures to construct. Harbor Models had the 1/12 scale accessories to give the final touches. Thanks Nick!
Roy Bonham
Zak's Hobbies  Here are some pictures of my PT 109 underway at the lake in Elk Grove park CA. Basic Dumas kit with heavy modifications to the pilot house, lighting, running gear and guns.
Bill Davis
Zak's Hobbies  I have purchased most of everything from the Mtroniks Esc, Hitec Servo, Bilge pump, and RAM Steam Engine Sound Module as well as other accessories from you guys.
Here is a photo of her on the water.  Her name is Isabella Grace named after my daughter and still needs the name and some other small things but she is seaworthy!
Zak's Hobbies
Carl Miller, HI Stormy 45 is a hard-chine ply wood launch designed by my son Carl Miller, and kitted for production by Tippecanoe Boats in Everson, WA. The 11 lb, 45” boat is designed for power by electric motor or live steam. It’s easy to build and fun on the water, evoking the elegance of a by-gone era. Many of the deck accessories are from Harbor Models. These are Hulls #1 and #2 , EIDER and DENEB on our nearby pond.
Carl Miller, Hawi, HI
Carl Miller, HI The T65 is a 65” strip-planked racing sloop made from a kit from Tippecanoe Boats, in Everson, WA. The all-up weight of Delphinus is 13 lbs, with a (removable) deep bulb keel. Some of the rigging features are custom made, but the critical features like the turnbuckles are from Harbor Models.
Carl Miller, Hawi, HI
Carl Miller, HI St Andrew is a scratch built 25 lb strip-planked steam-powered model made from detailed plans by Adrian Brewer at Floataboat.com in Australia. Deck fittings, vents, turnbuckles, and helm from Harbor Models.
Carl Miller, Hawi, HI
Carl Miller, HI The MARS picket launch is a scratch-built 23lb strip-planked model powered by a steam engine and a 3” boiler. It was built from detailed plans by Adrian Brewer at Floataboat.com in Australia. The 4” Crew members are painted to match the Royal Australian Military Police. Perfect deck details including turnbuckles, helm, life rings, lights, vents, and hawse fittings are from Harbor Models.
Carl Miller, Hawi, HI
Carl Miller, HI One last boat I’ll include because it really speaks for Harbor Models is of my 30lb 73” model of the Windermere-style launch Jax, which at the time was electric powered with a geared motor and 6v smoker from Harbor Models. It is now completed with its full steam plant, ready to run on the pond again.
Carl Miller, Hawi, HI
Robert Jurek What you see is something I started 11/2019. One 2x4 for the frame and some Balsa wood. So, with no plans, no real scale,  I started to build a fire boat. Piece by piece it all came together with the help from Nick at Harbor Models it became a reality. She is 48 inches long with a weight of 78 lbs. 1/2022 it was finish. Something simple to have fun with.
Robert Jurek
Koichi Yasuda Alte Liebe Virgin voyage. 07/01/2022.
At Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand.
Koichi Yasuda
Rob Schmidt I think the tug is finished! Just thought you may want to see it. I painted it after the Moran tug company because I like the colors. Your winch worked out well for this model. Hope to get her in the water soon. Powering the motor with one 12 volt 8 amp battery. I filled the keel with lead and with the battery may have to add more weight.
Rob Schmidt
Roy Bonham The Coast Guard 82 Patrol boat was the work horse of the CG . The model 82’ was fun to build.It took about 5 months. The hull is Micro Glass. It is a 1/24 scale. Lights, stanchions, radar, anchor, horns , life raft canisters and many more features are from Harbor Models.
Crafted by Roy Bonham
bill smith This is the Point Hope. Modeled in 1979 to 1981. It is scratch built from plans I got from the Coast Guard and was featured in Scale Ship Modeler magazine in 1981.
It is 1/16 scale. 60+ inches long and driven by 4 Dumas 12volt motors. Port and starboard props are independently controlled, from a modified Futaba 6 channel radio. It has  working  lights, horn, siren, and a working fire hose on port side to squirt the kids.
It has been on the shelf for 40 years and I put it on the water this last summer. Other than new batteries it still worked pretty good. THEN DISASTER HIT …While loading it back into the car I dropped it and it bounced off the bumper of the car and landed upside down on the ground.  I spent the summer and fall rebuilding much of it.
Originally all the electronics and accessories were fabricated or scavenged. Remember that was 40 years ago. In rebuilding it I was able to update it with electronics, lights and features from Harbor Models.
Bill Smith
Kris Winroth The model is a "Calder Craft" of the Tug JOFFRE period scale model of a Tyne Tug. The original tug was built in 1916 and worked on the Thames River, London. When I began building the model I contacted the Harbor Models Co. for advise & purchased the propulsion system, steering & transmitter for the boat. It has worked very well, with the boat performing great. This project was done during the "Virus" pandemic, giving me an inside project away from possible infection. So I named it the Steam Tug Corona.
Kris Winroth
Robert Schmidt The Mr Darby Tug with Harbor Models' 12v belt drive motors and bow thruster.
Robert Schmidt
dennis-dalhstrom 61 1/2" L X 13" Beam 40 lbs. with batteries. Scratch built side trawler.
Dennis Dahlstrom
steven-collins Built in Texas in 1958 for Caltex. Spent most of her career on the Westcoast and was repowered last month and is still very active at a young 62 years
Steven Collins
bob-gaito This is my 1:24 scale build of a Mark V Navy Seal Special Operations Craft. It's a scratch built fiberglass hull with twin KMB jet drives and Emax 1100KV brushless motors. This picture was taken at the 2019 Groton fun run at the Navy submarine base in Groton, C.T.
Bob Gaito
steve-collins The heavily modified Aqua Craft "Atlantic" tug renamed "Greg Karson" with the Disabled Vessel Recovery Device fitted. Harbor Models provided the massive 55 mm, 5 blade L/H propeller and shaft, all the railing stanchions, handrails and the sound module. Power comes from an Astro Flight 25 main motor driving the shaft through a helical beam coupling. Recovery is facilitated by a high definition color camera providing a pilothouse view. The tug is seen riding at anchor, powered up and ready for immediate dispatch. Every time I go to the lake, this is the first boat on the water and the last off as well.
Kevin Knoop
ken horner US Army LT-533 built in Texas 1944 present at D-Day. Foundation Lillian, Halifax NS post war. Rebuilt and repowered Westcoast of Canada, Haida Chieftain worked over 60 years before being scrapped 2019.
I should add she is scratch built plank on frame 1/32 scale and fully operational. 70 pounds with ballast.
Steven Collins
ken hornerken horner Name: Bourbon
"This is my most difficult build as of yet. It's an extremely well made kit and fun to build, there's no crappy white metal stuff, it's all high quality brass . It's fully loaded with sound, smoke and lighting throughout. there's horses aboard with oat buckets, crates and liner trunks. Had to ditch the push rod drive for chains as I couldn't get them to work. I have since gotten the Myrtle Corey to work with the push rods, it's all in the orientation of the arms 45 degrees from one another. Hull is double planked and the cabins are also planked. I have access to the 5 switches for operation through the storage door with the arched top. I made them removable and the only reason to lift the lid is to charge batteries!"
Ken Horner
craig davis "...this boat will push 1200 pounds miles in the river. It’s a powerful workhorse, I have even pushed a 33 foot pontoon boat with this model. I can’t wait to build the new big boat!"
Craig Davis
Roy Bonham "Dumas model 44' coast guard motor lifeboat.
Extra features were used to show this models unique design and character. Crafting took about 6 months . Having crewed aboard a 44 gave me fond memories of the USCG."
Roy Bonham
Leon Murray "The model is 72 inches long Billings Kit of the Titanic... Took 2 years to complete. Won first place at the Puyallup Fair Washington State."
Leon Murray
John Pask "The model is 52" long, "scratch built" using photos as I could find no plans.
She was built in 1935 by Blohm & Voss, used during WW2 as the command ship for Admiral Donitz.
Scrapped in 1950? in New Jersey, USA
German State Yacht 1935 -1945, Aviso Grille"
John Pask
Richard Taylor "Picture of a Sterling 42’ Corvette. Navy F-14 Twin stick radio, 2 lighting systems, etc."
Richard Taylor
Kenneth Horner "Beautiful Mount Washington"
Kenneth Horner from New Jersey
Kevin Knoop "...photos of my scratch build of the 1954 Whiticar Sheerwater "HOBO" The model is in 1in.=1ft. scale and is 3 years building so far. More details yet to be fabricated. The boat runs as good as she looks. Harbor Models provided the propellers, shafts, stuffing boxes and the horn (which I modified from a 2 chime to a single bell for accuracy)."
Kevin Knoop
Don Laframboise "All handmade model from a picture of a boat magazine .I used Harbor Models 2/12 volt motors and drive system servos and speed controllers. It is 63 inches long, fiberglass hull, teak decks. Has lighting system (25lights)."
Don Laframboise from Canada Windsor Ontario
Robert Tuttle "Here is picture of a 70" long model of a shrimp boat I built, remote control, for a man at Topsail Beach, N.C."
Robert Tuttle
John de Broske "Two photos of Caldercraft Joffre tug (heavily kit bashed) and Dumas Brooklyn tug. Neither model could have been completed without all of the goodies I acquired from Harbor Models."
John de Broske
Geoff Fairfax "The American Scout was a Sterling balsa kit originally built in 1974. It sat on a self for the last 45 years. My grandson suggested I restore her and get it back in the water. I contacted Harbor Models to get advice and the supply of a new drive train. I stripped her down to the deck, fibre glassed the hull, built a new superstructure from styrene and repainted the original kit colors. Harbor Models also supplied all the stanchions and rails and smoke generator. Have sailed her twice since the restoration and have received many compliments on the detail of this build."
Geoff Fairfax
Geoff Fairfax "The San Pedro was supplied by Harbor models as a semi-kit. I installed the belt drive /torpedo 800 motor and 40 amp speed control recommended by Harbor Models. The kit came complete with shaft, stuffing box, propeller and rudder assembly. This was a challenging build as one can add many upgrades. I detailed the wheel house and left the doors open. A stair well inside the wheel house leads to below decks. I used the photos of the real tug provided by Harbor Models to 3D model and print winches and misc. deck fittings. The motor combination is a strong contender on the pond!"
Geoff Fairfax
Geoff Fairfax "The Envoy is a Slipway kit supplied by Harbor Models and was finished as the war time version. This was a very detailed and well supplied kit and was a pleasure to build. It has been on the pond many times and even survived a sinking with no damage to the electronics. She has a high center of gravity so I recommend keeping everything as low as possible in the hull. She really gets some attention during our Canadian Remembrance day for our war veterans."
Geoff Fairfax
Rick-Rickert This is my first attempt to build a static model tugboat. It is scratch built, with the exception of the rubber tires purchased from Harbor Models everything on this craft was made by me with found materials, repurposed to be what I needed at that time of the build. All of the plans were in my head, I did extensive research on the net, and chose the boat that interested me. It was a 50' long X 23' Beam and 52' High. I built it to 1/2" to 1' scale. The main deck is pine, the hulls planking, are 1/8" X 3/4" X 8" long cedar that were steamed in a home made steamer. I made the steamer using an aluminum ice cube tray, a piece of perforated aluminum, and used a drawer to cover the tray of hot water when I was steaming the planks. The balance of the wood used was poplar. It took 840 hours to complete. I named the boat "NAUTi BOY", PHILADELPHIA, PA
Rick Rickert
Grant Hiestand Model is 10 feet long and splits into two parts. I carry it in my Prius. It has been a big hit with the Indianapolis Admirals, the club in which I belong to.
Grant Hiestand
Mike White Model is 10 feet long and splits into two parts. I carry it in my Prius. It has been a big hit with the Indianapolis Admirals, the club in which I belong to.
Mike White
Bob Gaito This is a scratch built model of a 100 ft Broward in 1/24th scale, built from blueprints of the full size boat. Powered by two geared brushed motors and 5200mAh LiPo. Features working radar antennas, working hot tub, working nav/sonar/plotter screens, underwater "yacht lights", RC stereo system (plays from SD card) All wood is Real teak (including Deck chairs) Aft table is Larimar stone from the Dom. Rep. LED Nav lights, entrance way bar and cabin lights. Scale Boston whaler with 40hp Johnson.
Bob Gaito
Nicholas Rightor This is a scratch built model of the P. T. 305 that was restored at the National WW2 museum in New Orleans. I was a volunteer during the restoration project.
This display model is built using bass, balsa and mahogany. The mahogany used came from scraps left over from the real boat The model is 39 inches long or 1/24th scale. The color scheme is the color it used during it’s active service in the Mediterranean Sea. The model was donated to the WW2 museum and is on display at the boat house where the 305 is located.
Nick Rightor
Joe Gustafson Harbor Models, ...I wish to thank you for supplying me with various items in the help of building my Powerskow. It is based on an Alaskan salmon tender and is all scratch built except for items purchased from you. It still has a ways to go, if you look closely you will see numerous parts that were supplied by your company. I want to thank you for your great service and quick delivery.
Joe Gustafson
Bob Heacock This is my model of the pilot tug Frances C. The full size tug was built in 1878 and was owned by the New Orleans Bar Pilots Association. Her main job was transferring pilots to and from ships on the Mississippi River, but she also did towing jobs. The model is scratchbuilt, 5 feet long, 14" wide and weighs 70 pounds. I used Harbor Models smoke generator which puts out a very realistic amount of smoke I've been working on it for four years, so far. She's here seen on Spreckels Lake, in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.
Bob Heacock
Bob Tuttle I just finished this Biloxi Mississippi Lugger Shrimp boat...
Bob Tuttle
John De Broske With the exception of the bulkheads, which were a HEAVILY modified set from DUMAS Dauntless and commercial fittings (many acquired from Harbor Models) this model is completely scratch built. The only "serious" tools I used were a scroll saw, electric sander and my trusty Dremels. ALL decking, hull and cabin components are mahogany or mahogany veneer over birch plywood. Took me more than 300 hours and 18 months. It's 1/12 scale w/2 motor RC and lighting. I true labor of love.
John De Broske
Terry Ennis This is a scratch built 29" Monterey fishing boat, it took me a year to build it. I used components from Harbor Models.
Terry Ennis
Barry Creighton Thanks to the advise, parts and equipment of Harbor Models my boat floats and runs great!!!
Barry Creighton
Bill Heath This is my 1/20th scale rc sailboat, named serenity. She is 53" long & apx 38 lbs in the water. I built her from a sub kit. All the components to build her, where purchased from harbor model's. Video of her sailing are on YouTube, under Robbie Atlantis named serenity.
Bill Heath
gene sauter Got a glimpse of this beast at the Inland Nautical Society regatta on 9/17/17. Those are 6" diameter kort props! This thing weighs in at about 160 lbs with ballast. Has not had it's maiden voyage yet but the builder, Gene Sauter from Southern California, is expecting about 30-40 lbs of pull from her. The steering servos alone run on 6V 24Ah battery packs in parallel. What a build, great job Gene!
Gene Sauter
jerry julian Stern wheel ferry and three car barge. Scratch built from builders plans.
-Jerry Julian
jerry julian Strumpet II model, scratch built at 1.25' = 12". Built from Jay Benford's book and scaled up to model size.
-Jerry Julian
jerry julian Model of Tidewater Barge Company towboat OUTLAW. Scratch built from photos and used in RC model tugboat competitions. 1/32 scale converted to a static model and is now in Tidewater's corporate office.
-Jerry Julian
chris calisi I thought the quality of your product(s) were superb. It helped my build the exact model I wanted, thank you. Here are a few pictures you can add to your gallery if you want. I think pictures of the items in actual use are helpful to builders.
-Chris Calisi
brad smith Scratch built RC model towboat SHERRIE R, built to 1/32 scale. Typical of the many diesel powered, stern wheel towboats used for the rivers. 31" overall length. Named for my wife. Thanks, Harbor Models for the great selection and great service.
-Brad Smith
barry creighton The ORCA from Jaws!
-Barry Creighton
barrett hochhaus My 51-inch Morro Castle was built from scratch using plans from eBay seller "messmar". I like to use a scale of 1 inch = 10 feet which is approximately 1:125 scale. The Morro Castle is powered by one brushed 400 DC motor and one 2-cell lipo battery. Air vents were provided by Harbor Models! The ship took about 1 month to complete.
-Barrett Hochhaus, Scottsdale Arizona
mark weitzman 1/12th scale LCM 3 landing craft, converted into a work boat. I'm running twin Johnson 970's, on Harbor Models motor mounts. Also I've added the Harbor Models running/mast lights, duel horn, and the 2" rubber tires. The model is approx. 50" X 14"
-Mark Weitzman
PAT ERIKSON The boat is the Dumas Osprey. I milled and cut the monogamy trim, and made several other parts. I had pictures but no plans. It was fun to figure and build. The finished boat is 24/10 in. 1in to foot scale. I used all Harbor Models controls and running gear. You can't beat the service and quality. I have built other models but this is my first boat and experience with fiber glass. I primed the glassed hull with two part Klass coat epoxy primer. It is the very best.
-Pat Erikson
kevin knoop The steam drifter Emily K. riding at anchor on Tradition lake in Port St. Lucie, Florida. 3 years building and fitted with lighting, sound, and smoke. The boat is 42 1/2 in. long, 9 1/2 in. in beam, draws 4 1/2 in. and weighs 15 lbs. 7 oz.
-Kevin Knoop
bill griffith Deans Marine - Magnificent
Bill Griffith
dirk schricker This is my Slipway Aziz , loaded once again with Action Electronics , custom working water cannons , lots of LED lights , working radar , Harbor Models smoke generator , bow thruster.
Dirk Schricker
robert brown This is my completed Imara kit. I altered the kit to resemble the tug in her later years as Perseverance. I asked Nick at Harbor Models for a tug project that had a lot of parts and would take a long time to complete. I was not disappointed.
Robert Brown
bill heath This is my 1/32 scale of the invader class tug, the warrior . She is 53"long & 76 lbs in the water . The sub kit & components to build her was purchased from Harbor Models. The fine details was taken from the internet, of full size working tugs, and I was able to talk to a captain of the warrior for more information . The tug can be seen working on youtube, under rc tug boat lake tye.
Bill Heath
mel suelzle Lady Lorraine
The launch “Lady Lorraine” was a 1/12 scratch built model using a Orion Moldings 49” fiberglass hull. The model is a custom design taking features from a variety of models. The power plant is Graham 2 cylinder steam engine and a Miniature Steam 3 inch horizontal boiler fueled by butane/propane. Detail includes fully finish “owners suite” with lighting and steam whistle.
Mel Suelzle
mel suelzle New York Fire Boat 343
The fireboat “343” is a 1/48 scale 38” model of the newest fireboat owned by the New York Fire Department. The model is fully scratch built model with minimal drawings with detail obtained form the ship builders website. The model has 4 shafts driven by 2 12 volt motors. The boat has 12 monitors, 5 are operational on the model. The large bow monitor direction is controled remotely. The model has over 30 lights, siren all controlled remotely.
Mel Suelzle
scott cooper Here is my Dumas Coast Guard 44 footer for your builders' gallery? It has been heavily modified to reflect changes made since the model was kitted.
BMC S.S. Cooper, USCG (ret.)
dirk schrickerdirk schricker My Yorkshireman - Loaded with electronics , four working custom water cannons , led lighting , smoke generator , radar, working led welder affects, motor mixer , bow thruster , rotating camera pod. Fairmount Alpine Tug below.
Dirk Schricker
bob gaito This is a 1/12 scratch built scale model of a 1964 32 ft Pacemaker express sports fisherman. The Wanderer was built with bass wood plank on fiberglass inner hull..twin aero-naut geared motors. This is a model of my family's boat from 1964 to 1982. Plans were drawn up from the original brochure and 30 yrs of slide photos. The transom is gold leafed with 24k gold left over from the lettering of the full size boat.
Bob Gaito
mike jones 1:32nd Scale Live Steam model of the W.T. Preston Snagboat. Scale steam engines drive the model. 10 channel radio and 12 channel lighting control radio. 63 inches long.
Built by Mike Jones, Shelton, WA
jerry julian This is a scratch built model of Sam Devlins "Dipper 19". Stitch and glue method and now given to Sam for his office. It was built from his kit plans and at that time was a new design that hadn't been built before.
-Jerry Julian
bill natale USS Enterprise and The Andrea Gail
-Bill Natale
albert hall The trawler amity II build was on a modify fibreglass hull done with photos and pictures off the internet and the help of the captain with photos and thanks to harbor models for the parts I needed to finish the trawler witch is out of peterhead scotland uk.
-Albert Hall
ron bray A scratch built model of a 42 foot grand banks with Alaskan cedar planking
-Dr. Ron, Edmonds, Wa.
keith schermerhorn This is my 1/18th scale of a 58’ Delta Purse Seiner called the Misty Moon. Built on a modified Dumas Thompson Trawler hull from pictures taken of the full size in the harbor. Features working lights, radar, deck lights, flood lights, scratch built details. Used anchor chain, horn and some pulleys obtained at Harbor Models. Other details made from brass, aluminum, wood, Sintra, wire, plastic, tin the hydraulic control lines are fashioned from solid solder and aluminum tubing. Model took approximately 1200 hours in in 8 months. Radio is a Spectrum DXi6 using a Mtronics speed control.
-Keith Schermerhorn
howard helker I am enclosing photos of my scratch-built 30" Pacific fishing trawler. It features smoke, hand carved crew members including a moving helmsman, deploy-able nets, and diesel sound. I built her over a period of 8 years with components purchased from Harbor Models. She bears my wife's name which helped with my budget requests.
-Howard Helker
scott lennox Here's my harbor/railroad tug. She's about 55" in length with 45 lbs. ballast, including two 7Ah 12-volt batteries. The navigation lamps, search light, ship's bell, working turnbuckles, beautiful brass prop, shaft, coupler, electronic speed control, and belt-drive motor are all from Harbor Models. Thanks for the great selection and excellent customer service over the years.
-Scott Lennox
loren herrick She was built all from photos I found on the internet and from the boat yard in Fla she was scales and lines lofted by me self. 37" long thanks for all you do for me in all the parts you supply.
-Loren Herrick Sr
mark weitzman narrow hull 1/12 scale English Narrow boat.
59" X 7".
12v power, 4 channels used; throttle, rudder, sound, smoke. I installed {Harbor Models'} Hicks sound unit, and also {Harbor Models'} smoke unit. Both work great. Video was shot at Yorba Linda Regional Park. I forgot to turn on the smoker for the video. - Mark Weitzman
Click Here For Video
The boat/tug is called'' Strongbow '' and is painted in the company colors of Steel & Bennie a Glasgow registered towing company, long gone , since taken over by CORY and eventually other companies.
-Alasdair Woods