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Most Harbor Models' kits are large and kings of the water. With ships like the Invader and Mr Dardy which can pull up to 800 lbs these kits are extremely powerful.

All Harbor Models' kits are considered "semi-kits". "Semi-kit" means all parts are supplied to create a static model, running gear is optional and extra. In all kits you will receive a hand laid up fiberglass hull, accommodations, pilot house and smoke stacks. They will also include a fittings set complete with doors, hatches, portholes, fire hoses, life rings and other small accessories to spruce up your boat. These vary depending on the kit so investigate the fittings supplied on the boat's information page. All kits also include full size plans and image set so you can get as detailed as you'd like.
Please feel free to contact us for more details or with any questions.
RoMarine is the reincarnation of the old Robbe line of boats. The tooling and molds have been bought and being re-released slowly. As the kits become available they will begin to show up in this section. When Robbe produced the line all the kits were very popular, easy to build with great instructions and diagrams. The kits, once complete, made excellent running models with great detail. We expect this new release will have the same expectation.
Dumas Boats is a great option for a builder on a budget. Great prices and a nice selection of models. Usually a pretty quick build and easily made to be radio controlled. High quality and excellent support make these smaller models a great choice.
Billing Boats have a wide selection of kits to support building experience from novice to expert. Known well for their high-quality laser cut wooden parts as well as their highly detailed models.
Caldercraft manufactures a great selection of tugs, work boats and warships. These ships are all made to be radio controlled or just build them for a beautiful static model. They also carry a long line of historic schooners and famous sailing ships.
Dean's Marine kits are some of the more rare boat kits you will find. A huge selection of kits from work boats, trawlers, fishing boats, war ships and river steamers. Most kits come with a fiberglass hull and everything you need to create a static model, most can be radio controlled if the builder desires.
All sorts of tug boats from around the world. Investigate this long list of 31 different tugs. All can be made to R/C.
Maintenance ships, repair vessels, supply ships, transport ships, and other workboats. Find 28 models in this category to fill out your fleet!
All sorts of fishing boats from around the world, these models make a great addition to the collection. Eleven different models to choose from.
Our largest category - Thirty-nine different war and police vessels, every fleet is required to have at least one of these ships. Enjoy!
Yachts, river cruisers and Chris Craft models, 18 pleasure crafts to peruse.
Wooden stick and string boats, antique boats from mid century, modern sailing ships. Twenty-one different models.
Vessels from the movies!