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RoMarine is the reincarnation of the old Robbe line of boats. The tooling and molds have been bought and being re-released slowly. As the kits become available they will begin to show up in this section. When Robbe produced the line all the kits were very popular, easy to build with great instructions and diagrams. The kits, once complete, made excellent running models with great detail. We expect this new release will have the same expectation.

Fire Boat FLB-1 Model Kit
The FLB-1 is a model of a fire-fighting boat stationed in Neuss. It was put into service in 1983 and has been in service on the Rhine ever since. The ship is used for fire protection and rescue services. Due to its relatively compact construction, strong motorization and the many details and functional possibilities, it has become a beautiful model that is not difficult to build and at the same time allows many special functions.

Thus, there are great possibilities for the advanced beginner as well as for the experienced modeler. There is something for everyone in terms of detail and variety, but also for the actions on the water. The separately available fittings set has been expanded with many small details, which are produced in 3D resin and are very precisely executed, and brought up to the latest technical standard.

Contents of delivery
- Hull made of thermoformed ABS plastic
- Superstructure, bulwark and small parts made of thermoformed ABS
- Laser-cut deck and superstructure parts, easy to assemble
- Laser-cut built-in parts for the interior of the fuselage
- Complete rudder system
- Stern tube with shaft, coupling and propeller
- All parts for the fire fighting monitors, without functional parts
- Decal sheet and plotted lettering
- Building instructions with construction drawings

The fittings set with all lamps, headlights, railing supports, radar, loudspeakers, anchor winch must be purchased separately.

RC functions
Rudder control
Engine control
Special functions:
- Radar
- Illumination
- Extinguishing monitor

Scale: 1:25
Length approx.: 27 3/16" (690mm)
Width approx.: 6 7/8" (175mm)
Total displacement approx. 5.73lbs (2600 g)
RC functions Rudder control, motor control, special functions

Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Dusseldorf Fire-Fighting Boat Kit
The History
The Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat was developed and built by the Rheinwerft company of Mainz-Mombach, and it is operated in the Ruhr industrial region of Germany. The vessel is designed specifically to cope with disaster situations, such as a ship on fire, a major oil leak or a harbor system in danger of explosion, and its fire monitors, operating at a pressure of 10.5 bar, can hurl water or foam 145 feet high and a distance of up to 310 feet. The two V-12 engines produce a total of 930 kW (1260 BHP), giving the boat a maximum speed of around 23 mph.

The Model
The Romarin kit of the Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat is large and capacious enough to accommodate all the equipment required to emulate the wide-ranging facilities of the full-size vessel. Optional working systems include the fire monitors, crane, anchor winch, radar, searchlights, blue light, horn and siren, and also the sound of the diesel engines. The plastic hull is moulded in thick-walled material, and it offers plenty of space for the numerous mechanical and electronic parts required for the auxiliary working systems. The model is propelled by two proven MAX Gear power systems, giving it an impressive turn of speed. Four large rudders guarantee extreme maneuvering capability both forwards and astern. The fire monitors can be swiveled horizontally and vertically from the transmitter, and with the recommended electric geared pump they can fire a jet of water a distance of 20 feet. If a working boat crane is fitted, the vacuum-moulded rowing board can be raised, swung outboard and lowered to the water in true scale style.

Kit Contents
• Vacuum-moulded plastic hull, superstructure and other parts
• Die-cut plastic decks and small parts
• Die-cut plywood parts, e.g. motor bulkhead and pump plate
• Three working fire monitors
• Articulated boat crane
• Two propellers, four rudder sets, all linkage hardware for RC installation
• Painting masks
• Decal sheet
• Detailed building instructions and plan

Length: 46" (1160mm)
Width: 9 3/4" (250mm)
Height: 19 1/2" (500mm)
Scale: 1:25
Total displacement: 19lbs (9000 g)


For accessories and upgrades please scroll below, if you do not see them Click Here
For motors choose the 2.5:1 gearing option
For use with a 12v SLA/Gel Cel battery
For couplers choose END1=4mm END2=6mm
This kit comes with plastic props, if you would like brass they are links below, need one left/right with a 4mm bore
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Happy Hunter Kit
The Happy Hunter is a scale reproduction of a Dutch ocean-going salvage tug to a scale of 1:50.

The boat is powered by a direct-drive, i.e. non-geared system, in the form of two high-torque MAX Power 700 electric motors. These are low-revving power plants driving a pair of high-performance marine propellers. Fixed Kort nozzles increase thrust, and the boat is capable of carrying out extremely arduous towing tasks and complex maneuvers in conjunction with the bow thruster, which is an optional accessory. The capacious plastic hull allows the modeler to install numerous auxiliary working systems, and experienced builders will enjoy fitting out the Happy Hunter with a working lighting system, radar, anchor winch, sound system and towing mechanism. It is even possible to install a fully working crane; the crane itself is included in the kit.

Kit Contents:
-Vacuum-moulded white ABS plastic hull and superstructure
-Die-cut parts for deck and superstructure
-Laser-cut parts for power system mountings and electronic component supports
-Complete rudder system
-Injection-moulded Kort nozzles
-Small hardware items
-Components for foremast, mainmast, crane etc.
-Decal sheet
-Building instructions with drawings and photographs
-Boat stand

Length: 40 3/4" (1035 mm)
Width: 9 1/4" (235 mm)
Total displacement: 21lbs (9500 g)
Draught: 4 3/4" (120 mm)
Scale: 1:50


Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Neptune Tractor Tug
The harbor tug Neptun is a remotely controlled, model-like replica of a harbor tug in the scale 1:50, as they are still to be found today in many ports. Model of this construction were harbor tugs of the Bugsier series in Hamburg.

In the construction of the model much emphasis was placed on high fidelity and lovingly executed details. On the lower mast platform is a functioning, rigid fire extinguisher. The Neptune is particularly manoeuvrable thanks to the swiveling Kortdüse, so that all difficult towing and Bugsiermanöver succeed easily. The towing hook can also be opened remotely.

What's included:
- hull, bulwark, machine and wheelhouse deep-drawn
- fireplace and other plastic small parts
- laser-cut wooden parts for interior work
- propshaft and propeller
- injected Kortdüse, functional towing equipment ; Stanchions
- RC connectors, hardware and mounting hardware
- Detailed, generously illustrated instructions, detailed drawings

Scale: 1:50
Length: 22 7/16" (570 mm)
Width: 6 7/8" (175 mm)

Running Gear Info:
All proper running gear options are shown below, if you do not see them click on the Neptune image to navigate to the actual product page.
For coupler - choose END1=4mm and END2= 6mm
For motor - choose 2.5:1 version
For radio - any 2+ channel radio will work

Running Gear Options:
Viper 15 Amp ESC
Click Here For More Information
6 Volt 4.5Ah SLA Battery
Click Here For More Information
Universal Joint Coupler
Choose END1=6mm END2=4mm
Click Here For More Information
End1 End2
Choose 2.5:1 Version
Click Here For More Information
Transmitter and Receiver
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Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Dolly Harbor Launch
Radio-controlled semi-scale model of a launch to 1:20 scale

This general-purpose boat type can be seen in many of the world's harbors. These small launches can be fitted out for a wide variety of tasks, and are commonly used to transport persons or materials; they can also be used as tugs for larger vessels if fitted with special towing gear, or even as fire-fighting launches. The electric power system for our model of the Dolly has been carefully selected to suit the vessel, and the single-screw system provides an excellent scale performance. The hull features an integral screw tunnel, giving very good maneuverability.

Crew figures not included.

Length: 21 5/8" (550 mm)
Width: 6 1/2" (165 mm)
Scale 1:20

Towing gear also available as seen in image 5 below: Towing Gear for Dolly

Availability: Usually ships the next business day