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Dusseldorf Fire-Fighting Boat Kit

Dusseldorf Fire-Fighting Boat Kit
Item# RO1100
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Product Description

The History
The Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat was developed and built by the Rheinwerft company of Mainz-Mombach, and it is operated in the Ruhr industrial region of Germany. The vessel is designed specifically to cope with disaster situations, such as a ship on fire, a major oil leak or a harbor system in danger of explosion, and its fire monitors, operating at a pressure of 10.5 bar, can hurl water or foam 145 feet high and a distance of up to 310 feet. The two V-12 engines produce a total of 930 kW (1260 BHP), giving the boat a maximum speed of around 23 mph.

The Model
The Romarin kit of the Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat is large and capacious enough to accommodate all the equipment required to emulate the wide-ranging facilities of the full-size vessel. Optional working systems include the fire monitors, crane, anchor winch, radar, searchlights, blue light, horn and siren, and also the sound of the diesel engines. The plastic hull is moulded in thick-walled material, and it offers plenty of space for the numerous mechanical and electronic parts required for the auxiliary working systems. The model is propelled by two proven MAX Gear power systems, giving it an impressive turn of speed. Four large rudders guarantee extreme maneuvering capability both forwards and astern. The fire monitors can be swiveled horizontally and vertically from the transmitter, and with the recommended electric geared pump they can fire a jet of water a distance of 20 feet. If a working boat crane is fitted, the vacuum-moulded rowing board can be raised, swung outboard and lowered to the water in true scale style.

Kit Contents
• Vacuum-moulded plastic hull, superstructure and other parts
• Die-cut plastic decks and small parts
• Die-cut plywood parts, e.g. motor bulkhead and pump plate
• Three working fire monitors
• Articulated boat crane
• Two propellers, four rudder sets, all linkage hardware for RC installation
• Painting masks
• Decal sheet
• Detailed building instructions and plan

Length: 46" (1160mm)
Width: 9 3/4" (250mm)
Height: 19 1/2" (500mm)
Scale: 1:25
Total displacement: 19lbs (9000 g)


For accessories and upgrades please scroll below, if you do not see them Click Here
For motors choose the 2.5:1 gearing option
For use with a 12v SLA/Gel Cel battery
For couplers choose END1=4mm END2=6mm
This kit comes with plastic props, if you would like brass they are links below, need one left/right with a 4mm bore


Dusseldorf Fittings Set
The fitting set for the fireboat Düsseldorf contains more than 260 small parts for embellishing the model. These are, for example, fans, companions, towing gear, lifebuoys, lamps, metal anchors, stanchions, bugle, etc. In addition to the materials contained in the Dusseldorf kit. The fitting kit and the special functions makes up a large part of the flair of the model. A "must have" for the ambitious modeler.

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Dusseldorf Special Functions Set
The special function set contains all the parts needed to install the special functions shown in the blueprints. The following functions are possible with these parts: Proportional horizontal and vertical moving of the monitors; Activate pump; Moving the boat crane; Illuminate all lamps on board.

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Viper ESC 25 Amp
The Viper Marine25 is a brushed speed control designed specifically for use in RC model boats.

It has a 25Amp motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC brushed motor, as long as the current drawn by that motor does not exceed 20Amps under load (with the prop connected, under water).

The Marine25 is the perfect speed controller for anybody wanting to either upgrade their old speed controller for a no nonsense 25Amp limit reversible electronic speed control or for anybody who uses scale model RC boats at scale speeds.

The Marine25 is a popular choice from the ever popular line of Viper marine speed controls, this is due mainly to all the features that are included, such as a built in failsafe, 100% proportional, fine throttle control in both directions, and motor stall protection, which is a feature that cannot be overlooked when a possible encounter with weeds is always just round the corner. Not to forget that the Viper Marine range of speed controllers are all completely 100% waterproof and designed to work on fully charged 12V Lead Acid batteries!

Technical Specification:
-25A Current limit
-100% Waterproof
-6-12Volt (Input voltage)
-Dimensions: 1-1/2 x 1-3/8 x 1/2"
-Power Connection made with Tamiya Connector
-Motor Connection made with Bullet Connectors

Click Here for Instructions

Optional, easy connector pack
2x female bullet connectors for the motor connection
1x female tamiya (standard) connector for the battery or power input
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500 Geared Motors
This miniature gearbox is of steel and brass construction with brass gears and is mounted on a 1mm think steel bracket. It incorporates a high quality three pole, 500 motor with sintered-bronze bearings. The design and construction of the unit make it suitable for propellers up to 3" in diameter.

Overall length: 4"
6mm Drive Shaft

Four Gearing Options:
MFA16 - 2.5:1 Gearbox - 3200rpm @ 6v, 6300rpm @ 12v
MFA7 - 6:1 Gearbox - 1316rpm @ 6v, 2633 @ 12v
MFA4 - 11:1 Gearbox - 1436 @ 12v
MFA148 - 148:1 Gearbox - 108rpm @ 12v (Perfect for Paddle Wheelers and Side Wheelers)
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Heavy duty brass ends are locked down to the shaft with a set screw using the Allen wrench supplied. The heavy duty universal joint slides over the brass ends and is held in place by the veins on the brass and grooves in the plastic.
Use the two drop down menus to select the two end sizes for your coupler. Once you have selected both sizes click "ADD TO CART" and that size coupler will be added to your shopping cart.

Overall size 1-3/4" (44.5mm) Long
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
End1:  End2: