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Happy Hunter Kit

Happy Hunter Kit
Item# RO1106
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Product Description

The Happy Hunter is a scale reproduction of a Dutch ocean-going salvage tug to a scale of 1:50.

The boat is powered by a direct-drive, i.e. non-geared system, in the form of two high-torque MAX Power 700 electric motors. These are low-revving power plants driving a pair of high-performance marine propellers. Fixed Kort nozzles increase thrust, and the boat is capable of carrying out extremely arduous towing tasks and complex maneuvers in conjunction with the bow thruster, which is an optional accessory. The capacious plastic hull allows the modeler to install numerous auxiliary working systems, and experienced builders will enjoy fitting out the Happy Hunter with a working lighting system, radar, anchor winch, sound system and towing mechanism. It is even possible to install a fully working crane; the crane itself is included in the kit.

Kit Contents:
-Vacuum-moulded white ABS plastic hull and superstructure
-Die-cut parts for deck and superstructure
-Laser-cut parts for power system mountings and electronic component supports
-Complete rudder system
-Injection-moulded Kort nozzles
-Small hardware items
-Components for foremast, mainmast, crane etc.
-Decal sheet
-Building instructions with drawings and photographs
-Boat stand

Length: 40 3/4" (1035 mm)
Width: 9 1/4" (235 mm)
Total displacement: 21lbs (9500 g)
Draught: 4 3/4" (120 mm)
Scale: 1:50



Happy Hunter Fittings Set
Everything you need to deck out your Happy Hunter. Find more information in the Happy Hunter manuals, links provided on the kits item page.
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Happy Hunter Power Set
Adapted drive set for the high hopper Happy Hunter ro1106. The high-torque MAX Power 700 motors are connected directly to the ship's shafts.

The set contains the two 12V drive motors, including couplings, interference suppression kits, mounting screws and connecting cables.
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Viper ESC 25 Amp
The Viper Marine25 is a brushed speed control designed specifically for use in RC model boats.

It has a 25Amp motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC brushed motor, as long as the current drawn by that motor does not exceed 20Amps under load (with the prop connected, under water).

The Marine25 is the perfect speed controller for anybody wanting to either upgrade their old speed controller for a no nonsense 25Amp limit reversible electronic speed control or for anybody who uses scale model RC boats at scale speeds.

The Marine25 is a popular choice from the ever popular line of Viper marine speed controls, this is due mainly to all the features that are included, such as a built in failsafe, 100% proportional, fine throttle control in both directions, and motor stall protection, which is a feature that cannot be overlooked when a possible encounter with weeds is always just round the corner. Not to forget that the Viper Marine range of speed controllers are all completely 100% waterproof and designed to work on fully charged 12V Lead Acid batteries!

Technical Specification:
-25A Current limit
-100% Waterproof
-6-12Volt (Input voltage)
-Dimensions: 1-1/2 x 1-3/8 x 1/2"
-Power Connection made with Tamiya Connector
-Motor Connection made with Bullet Connectors

Click Here for Instructions

Optional, easy connector pack
2x female bullet connectors for the motor connection
1x female tamiya (standard) connector for the battery or power input
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Bow Thruster, 25mm I.D.
This powerful bow thruster is supplied fully mounted with a Power 400 7.2-Volt electrical motor. The propulsion is provided by a flat propeller (pedal) which pressurizes the water through the tube whereby the entire assembly functions as a pump. This design is very robust and very stable and requires very little maintenance. The pump housing and the extension tubes are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). The motor is sealed with a G-ring and an O-ring which prevents the entry of water so the bow thruster can be installed vertically or horizontally. The motor with the pump housing cover can be removed easily.
This size is applicable for 36-54" ships with an approximate weight of 30-50 pounds.

To be used in conjunction with a mini speed controller; found here

Details: Power 400 electrical motor, 7.4 volt.
No load RPM: 17,000
No load power consumption: ~0.5 Amps
Tube inner diameter: 1" (25mm)
Tube outer diameter: 1-1/8" (27.5mm)
Length of tube: 6-1/16" (154mm)
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6V 12Ah SLA Battery
Length: 5.94"
Depth: 1.94"
Height: 3.82"
Weight: 3.6 lbs.
Maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Can be used in any position and can be trickle charged for long periods of time. Excellent for alarms, communications and back-up applications.
Best charged with a .5 to 1 amp charger.
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