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Dolly Harbor Launch

Dolly Harbor Launch
Item# RO1005
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Product Description

Radio-controlled semi-scale model of a launch to 1:20 scale

This general-purpose boat type can be seen in many of the world's harbors. These small launches can be fitted out for a wide variety of tasks, and are commonly used to transport persons or materials; they can also be used as tugs for larger vessels if fitted with special towing gear, or even as fire-fighting launches. The electric power system for our model of the Dolly has been carefully selected to suit the vessel, and the single-screw system provides an excellent scale performance. The hull features an integral screw tunnel, giving very good maneuverability.

Crew figures not included.

Length: 21 5/8" (550 mm)
Width: 6 1/2" (165 mm)
Scale 1:20

Towing gear also available as seen in image 5 below: Towing Gear for Dolly



Dolly Fittings Set
For true-scale appearance of the Kit Dolly.

It contains the fitting parts such as bollards, rescue ring, flag with flag stick, fan, horn and the complete lamps with pebbles.
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Dolly Special Functions Set
The launch Dolly can be covered into a fire-fighting launch by installing the special functions set. The special function set firemonitor can be changed after the model has been completed. However, painting work is easier to carry out during assembly.

Contents: operating fire monitor, pump, connecting hardware.

Additional items required to make the fire monitor work:
-Relay Switch
-Standard Servo (if you wish to adjust the fire monitor's height)
Availability: Usually ships the next business day