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Yachts, river cruisers and Chris Craft models, 18 pleasure crafts to peruse.

Trojan Cruiser
Here is your opportunity to build the pride of the Trojan Yacht Division. The Dumas 31 in. model of the F-31 Trojan Cruiser is a beautiful cabin cruiser that carries distinction when you run her with electric R/C power or build her as the perfect addition to any den or study. She is constructed of rugged die-cut plywood. Included in the kit are numerous detail parts, including a set of 33 cast metal parts, and other decorative items. The Trojan performs beautifully as a radio controlled model.
To make this kit R/C here is the recommended running gear:
2x MFA01 6-12V Motors
1x DUM2335 Running Hardware Set

Length: 31"
Beam: 12"
Scale: 1/12

Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Dumas is pleased to be able to take you back to an era of elegance. In 1946 Sparkman and Stevens designed a 66 ft. commuter boat for the express purpose of carrying commuters down the Hudson River into New York. What a glorious way to beat the traffic. These commuters were used by their owners as everyday transportation to and from work, and for pleasure trips to their favorite spots. The most famous of these commuters was the Dauntless. The Dauntless was owned by a prominent New York family. They undoubtedly considered the Dauntless a great diversion from their day to day business dealings. The days of the Dauntless are gone but you can bring them back. The Dauntless features top quality construction materials. The kit is made almost entirely of 1/8 in. mahogany plywood. All parts are cleanly die-cut, and we have included a variety of detail parts including 38 cast metal fittings. The size of the Dauntless leaves the door wide open for different powering methods. The obvious choices would be scale electric power, high speed electric power, or twin gas power, but you may have your own ideas.
To make this kit R/C here is the recommended running gear:
2x MFA01 6-12V Motors
1x DUM2341 Running Hardware Set

Length: 49-1/2"
Beam: 14"
Scale: 1/16
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1930 24' Chris Craft Mahogany Runabout
A beauty from yesteryear! Create a legendary masterpiece from our all wood kit of the 1930 24 ft. Chris-Craft Mahogany Runabout. The construction of this kit features a double planked hull with birch plywood on the inside with mahogany strip planking on the outside. A complete set of fittings is also included. Running hardware including shaft, stuffing box, rudder, strut, and a bronze three bladed propeller is also in the kit. They looked great on the lake in the 1930s, and they can look great on the lake again today.

Length: 36"
Beam: 10"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Chris Craft Cobra
This fun little speedster is from the era of big fins and wings. The sporty Cobra model is an all-wood kit featuring a double planked birch plywood and mahogany veneer hull. The two-tone deck is achieved with the use of basswood and mahogany veneer. The hatch and fin section is preformed ABS plastic. Chrome fittings, complete running hardware including a three-blade brass prop, decals and flag complete this blunt nose beauty of the 50s.

Length: 27"
Beam: 9-3/4"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1940 19' Chris Craft Barrel Back
In 1940 Chris-Craft introduced a new hull style called the torpedo deck or barrel back. Fifty plus years later it is among the most highly coveted of the famed Chris-Crafts, and thanks to the model masters at Dumas, you can own one in miniature. In keeping with the Dumas tradition of Chris-Craft kits, this model features a doubled planked PVC and mahogany veneer hull, preformed plastic seats, chrome fittings, and complete set of running hardware. Color decals and flag and burgee helps set off the model.

Length: 28-1/2"
Beam: 9-1/2"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Dumas brings the excitement of the roaring 20s with a 1/10th scale model of the TYPHOON. Our exact scale model is based on a full scale reproduction built by Mark Mason, owner of the New England Boat & Motor Co. The construction is a double-planked hull with birch plywood on the inside and mahogany strip planking on the outside. A complete set of chrome-plated deck fittings is included to add the touch of charm and excitement to the elegant racer. Vacuum form seats with full cockpit instrumentation add to the charm. Running hardware including shaft, stuffing box, rudder, strut, and bronze propeller are included. Drawings and a easy-to-follow booklet will guide you through the building of this racing legend.

Length: 42-1/2"
Beam: 8-1/2"
Scale: 1/10
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1947 16' Chris Craft Utility
This sporty little speedster from the late 40s is an all-wood kit with a double-planked hull similar to our other Chris-Craft kits. Included in the kit are chrome-plated fittings, vacuum-formed seats, running hardware, and a complete set of flags and decals. The Utility Boat would be a great start into the Chris-Craft line. If you have built the other kits, this will make a nice addition to your fleet.

Length: 24"
Beam: 9"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1938 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Barrel Back
This sleek beauty is a triple cockpit version of our popular Chris-Craft Barrel Back kit. The Triple Cockpit Barrel Back is 40-1/2". long with a beam of 10-3/4 in.. The kit features a double-planked hull, vacuum formed seats, chrome-plated deck fittings and running hardware. This will make a great addition to your Classic Chris-Craft Series.

Length: 40-1/2"
Beam: 10-3/4"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1954 36' Chris Craft Commander Express Cruiser
Style elegance and class the 1954 36ft. Chris-Craft Commander Express Cruiser has it all! The latest addition to our Chris-Craft fleet is also our first cruiser. The 1954 36ft. Chris-Craft Commander Express Cruiser is sure to turn its fair share of heads. The Commander has the quality features you have come to expect from a Dumas Chris-Craft model. This all wood kit includes step by step instructions complete deck fittings vacuum molded seats and laser cut mahogany cabin detail and trim. The Express Cruiser is designed for radio control and twin screw power using two dumas 2004 6v motors. The twin screw running hardware package for the Commander is stock no. 2366 and is sold seperately. Bring style elegance and class to your fleet of Chris-Craft models with the new Commander Express Cruiser

Length: 36"
Beam: 10-3/4"
Scale: 1/12

Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1949 19' Chris Craft Racing Runabout
We think the 1949 Chris-Craft 19 ft. Racing Runabout is our sleekest looking Chris-Craft to date. Our 1/8th scale version of this popular racer is 28 inches long with a 9 inch beam. The wood framed hull is covered with expanded pvc and then planked with mahogany veneer. Like our other Chris-Crafts this kit features the finest materials including chrome plated dack fittings complete drive line hardware flag and burgee. Each kit contains everything needed to build a beautiful static display model for the office or den. Or make her RC with a two channel radio Dumas #2025 motor NiCad batteryand speed control. You will want to make the powerful Racing Runabout the next addition to you fleet.

Length: 29"
Beam: 9"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1941 16' Chris-Craft Hydoplane
This sleek little beauty is very similar in construction to our 19' Racing Runabout, kit # 1249, in that it utilizes the popular expanded PVC and mahogany double planking method. The new 16' Hydroplane kit has all the items you have come to expect from a Dumas kit. Step by step instructions, flag, decal, chrome plated fittings, laser cut and die cut parts are all included. Designed for radio control. Includes drive line running hardware. So tame that wild beast inside you and build the new Chris Craft Hydroplane before it gets away.

Length: 24"
Beam: 8-1/2"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
1964 20' Chris Craft Super Sport
This Chris Craft employs plank on bulkhead construction and utilizes our the popular expanded PVC sub-planking and real mahogany exterior planking.
-step by step instructinos
-laser and die cut parts
-chrome plated fittings
-colorful flags and decals
-drive line hardware

Length: 30"
Beam: 10"
Scale: 1/8
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Schaarhorn Steam Launch
The hull is a fully detailed GRP molding. Superstructure and deck are CNC cut ply with printed ply overlays. Ships boats are styrene moldings. Bow and stern decorative scroll work, ships name, saloon windows and door furniture are etched brass. Over 800 fittings are cast from high quality white metal (with 34 for the anchor windlass alone). All wood dowel, rod, wire and cordage are supplied to make this a model to be proud of.

Schaarhorn was built in 1908 and used as the Hamburg state Yacht, in 1973Schaarhorn was sold and brought to the U.K. In 1990 she was sold to a preservation society in Hamburg and fully restored. It is now used for pleasure cruises. The model was built using original drawings as well as photographs taken of the restored vessel.

Scale: 1:35
Length: 44-7/8" (1140mm)
Beam: 7-1/16" (180mm)
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Sea Queen 46" Cabin Cruiser
Sea Queen is based on the lines of a typical early 60's ocean going cabin cruiser. The hull matched motor and prop give superb scale speed and handling characteristics on just 12V.

Kit includes:
All required timber
CNC manufactured pre-cut and pre-profiled components
All windows glazed and framed
6 glazed and framed portholes
Integral engine mount
Integral R/C platform
Stainless steel prop shaft (M4)
Coupling unit
Hull matched 12V low drain, high torque, electric motor
Hull matched 75mm, 3 bladed, cast solid brass prop (M4)
Large brass rudder
6 fairleads; Ships wheel
2 cleats, 1 red side light, 1 green side light, 1 two tone horn, 2 jackstaffs, anchor, comprehensive instruction manual and scale plan sheets.

Scale: Not Available
Length: 46-1/16" (1170mm)
Beam: 14-9/16" (370mm)
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
The origins of Britannia can be followed back to 1938 when it was agreed that the current yacht Victoria and Albet 111 was due for replacement. The Admiralty prepared a set of outline drawings for tender. The start of WW11 postponed the project until 1952 when the idea was revived and subsequently ordered from John Browns shipyard on the Clyde due to their expertise in constructing top class ships such as the Queens and the Coronia. The design specifications for the ship are impressive for she had to be capable of continuous operations in the Arctic and Tropical waters. She is capable of a continuous sea speed of 21 knots and has a range of 2,000 miles at full speed on a displacement of 4,715 tons. Two Steam turbines on each shaft provide a total of 12,000 h.p and in full speed burn 117 tons of fuel a day. Electrical power is provided by three 500 KW steam turbo generators and a single 270 KW diesel for harbor duties. The ships company comprises twenty one officers and 256 men and when on Royal duties a twenty six piece Royal Marine band.

Within her design the utmost care has been taken in fine details, a few examples are, the funnel has been carefully shaped and fitted with internal filters plus the exhaust gas speed has been uprated to ensure that no soot falls on the decks. A flange is fitted around the top edge of the funnel to trap water and this is piped down inside to prevent the top of the funnel becoming stained. The funnel also acts as a derrick post for the two booms, To preserve the lines the eye plates hinge back into the casing when not in use and cover plates are fitted. Other fine points are the freeing ports/ bulwark doors are open at sea as required but can be closed when not in use to preserve the unbroken line of the bulwarks. The front of the bridge has been designed in a wind tunnel to prevent any strong wind eddies forming. Denny brown active fin stabilizers were a new feature at the time, the twin fins can reduce a roll of twenty degrees to six degrees at a speed of 17 knots. The ships engines are staggered at 10 r.p.m difference to help reduce vibrations Britannia, as can be expected is constructed to lloyds 100A1 standard following naval practice the platform deck is watertight throughout and the lower hull is divided by fifteen watertight bulkheads.

To produce the immaculate finish on the hull the steel above the waterline is riveted but worked flush. Below the waterline the plate are lapped and the forward edges are faired with composition to reduce drag.

The ship is designed to convert to a hospital ship in times of crisis, she can accommodate 200 patients within the spaces occupied by the Royal apartments.
She was named and launched by Her Majesty The Queen on the 16th April 1953 as the previous ship of this name was King George V11s racing yacht which was scuttled on his death in 1936. The fate of Britannia at the present time is undecided although the Queen has expressed the wish that some future role be found for the ship rather than see her broken up.

Scale: 1/96
Length: 1.3m ( 51.2")
Beam: 178mm (7")

The model of Britannia is based on a fiber glass hull with bulwarks, portholes, proptube exits and bilge keels molded into the hull. The construction of the superstructure is from computer generated printed plastic in 1mm and .5m. To finish the assembly, vacuum formed pieces are provided for the funnel and all ships boats for those who wish to add lots of detail. Also included as an option are a complete set of the ships motor boat hulls with all detail molded into the castings to give two options for the model.
To add the finishing touch, all fittings are included cast in light alloy or plastic.
Brass etchings are supplied for the Ships stanchions and ladders.
Prop tubes fitted with oiling tubes and stainless steel shafts are included together with a comprehensive instruction book to aid assembly with sketches and pictures to assist in the construction. All part numbers are keyed to the FULL SIZE PLAN included in the kit. Full details are supplied for the fitting of motors, nicads, and radio equipment.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Said to be one of the finest pleasure craft ever built in New Zealand. She is the 65ft twin screw motor yacht, Dufresne, designed by Laurent Giles and partners of England for Mr Jack Butland of Auckland, and built by M.C. Carter Ltd.

Laurent Giles is noted not only for the excellence of his designs, but also for the very distinctive character and good looks of his boats. Dunfresne is no exception, and the workmanship of her New Zealand builders matches the high standard of her design.
Mr Butland and Mr Carter went to England to discuss both design and construction methods with Jack Giles in November, 1964, and found that they had not yet used glued construction to the extent that we have in the U.K. Max Carter took with him photos of some of the local boats built by the methods he wanted to use, and Mr Giles was most impressed with them and keen to see so much laminating used in the proposed boat.
He was, however, a little taken aback at the idea of building such a large boat upside down. The hull design was left entirely up to Laurent Giles except for a suggestion that she could have more beam. This was increased by 18in at the deck but the bottom shape, which had been tank tested,and was not altered.
Building started on May 19,1965 and she was launched on October 1, 1966. One of the first jobs and the biggest laminated member was the stem. Construction is unconventional, there are no floors in the boat other than at the main bulkheads. These are replaced by 2 3/4 x 3/4 ribs from gunwale to gunwale dinghy fashion, at varying centers according to positions but averaging about 2ft spacing. Ordinary spotted gum timbers were fitted at 7in centers with multiple light stringers of 2 3/4 by by 3/4, running force and aft.
Planking is two diagonals of 1/4in, and one fore and after outer skin of 9/16in, all Epilogued and through fastened. It was estimated that in 1965, half a ton of nails and over �1000 worth of glue were used. The complete hull was sheathed in dynel before being turned over. The whole construction is unusually light for a boat of this size but undoubtedly very strong.
Dufresne`s probable top speed is 15 knots at 3,000 rpm and 13 knots cruising speed at 2,500. The hull is of a round bilge high speed displacement type and an unusual feature is the knuckle built into the topsides for`ard. The fast displacement hull needs a fine entry and the knuckle allows this while still gaining plenty of reserve buoyancy very quickly. It also gives the effect of a big flare without excessive width on the decks, and makes the boat relatively steady and dry in a seaway.
Mr Butland has named his boat after the famous Frenchman Marion du Fresne (pronounced du Frain), who came to N.Z. in 1772 in his ship Marquis de Castries, in company with Lieut. Crozet commanding the Mascarin.
They spent several months in the Bay of Islands carrying out repairs and du Fresne was the first person to survey the area. He also attempted to claim New Zealand for France and called it France Australe, although he knew Captain Cook (1769) had already claimed it for Great Britain.
History books record different versions of the events leading up to his violent death. Some say it was revenge for the cruelty of another Frenchman, others that Marion du Fresne and his crew were the friendly with the Maoris until they inadvertently desecrated some sacred tribal ground. However, it is a fact that du Fresne and about 20 of his crew were enticed ashore, killed and eaten in the Bay of Island.

Scale: 1/24
Length: (32-1/2" (825mm)
Beam: 8" (203mm)
Sailing weight 3.8kgs

The Kit:
The kit is based on a detailed fiber glass hull with rubbing strip, bulwark scroll work, prop tube and rudder exits, moulded into the hull. The Deck is from printed plywood with lining for engraved planking. Vacformings in styrene form the complete cabin assembly and ships boat. Printed plastic supplies the construction for the wheelhouse cockpit. A full set of fittings is included in the kit with prop shafts, rudders, prop and tillers arms, plus decals and details to complete the wheelhouse To aid construction a comprehensive instruction book and full size plan is included. Printed plastic supplies the construction for the wheelhouse cockpit.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day