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All sorts of fishing boats from around the world, these models make a great addition to the collection. Eleven different models to choose from.

Jolly Jay
The Jolly Jay has many things going for it, such as mahogany plywood frames, balsa wood planking, pre-formed ABS plastic cabin parts, and complete drive line running hardware, including a 4.8 volt electric motor. Jolly Jay can be radio controlled with a two-channel radio or built for display only. Everyone is sure to enjoy the Jolly Jay.

Length: 24"
Beam: 8-1/2"
Scale: 1/30
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Rainbow 11"
This shrimp cutter is a typical cutter from the 1960's used for catching shrimp off the German, Dutch and Danish coasts. The equipment on board includes the necessary shrimp sieves and cookers for immediate preparation of the catch.

Height: 9-7/16" (24cm)
Length: 11" (28cm)
Beam: 3-9/16" (9cm)
Scale: 1:60

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Nordkap 32"
A typical trawler from the North Sea, built in 1970 at an English shipyard.
The model kit is based on the original ship drawings.

Details on the actual vessel:
Tonnage: 185 gross register tonnage
Length overall: 40.0 m - Beam: 9.30 m
Motor: 1000 HP diesel
Engine speed: 12-14 knots
Crew: 7-8 men
Fishing tackle: Drag net (trawl)
Fishing area: Around Iceland and Greenland
Haul: Herrings, cod and trash fish.

The model:
Length: 32" (81cm)
Beam: 7-1/2" (19cm)
Scale: 1:50

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Andrea Gail - Beginner Version
The Andrea Gail, an un-inspected commercial fishing vessel departed Gloucester Harbour, Massachusetts, September 20, 1991 with six crew members on board. The crew intended to make a fishing trip for swordfish in the area of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada. The vessel began its return voyage to Gloucester, MA. on October 26-27, 1991. On October 30, 1991, the vessel was reported overdue by the owner, Mr. Robert Brown. An extensive air and sea search was conducted utilizing U.S. and Canadian Cape Cod MA. However, the search did not locate the vessel or any of the crew members. The vessel and six crew embers remain missing and are presumed lost at sea in a major storm, referred to as the "Perfect Storm" by a meteorologist and made famous by Sebastian Junger's book (the book was later turned into a Hollywood movie). The sword fishermen were Captain William "Billy" Tyne, Robert "Bobby" Shatford of Gloucester, Dale Murphy and Michael "Bugsy" Moran of Bradenton Beach FL., David "Sully" Sullivan and Alfred Pierre of New York City.

Height: 10-13/16" (27.5cm)
Length: 14-13/16" (36cm)
Beam: 4-1/8" (10.5cm)
Scale: 1:60

All of the 600 Series Model Boat Kits (item numbers 600-609) include an easier way of building the hull. The hull is assembled in halves, on a table. This allows for easier assembly and is quite useful in learning plank-on-frame or plank-on-bulkhead construction! Once each half is done you join the two for a completed hull. Make sure you work each half in opposite directions so that when joined they marry up evenly!

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Recommended paints: BB01, BB03, BB04, BB06, BB09, BB11, BB14, BB17, BB33, BB40 thinner/cleaner. (These are no longer offered by Harbor Models and are here just for color reference.)
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Mary Ann
Scale model of a typical Dutch fishing cutter.

The Mary Ann is the first model produced by Billing Boats in 1958. It has been modified 4 times during the years and changed names 3 times. The ship is a typical 45-ton cutter commonly seen in the harbor at Esbjerg, Denmark; often more than 600 cutters of this type can be seen at a time. The model kit is based on the original ship drawings.

This wooden hull plank-on-bulkhead kit contains English translation instructions, all measurements in the booklet are in Metric.

The fittings set is now included with the model this kit.

Scale: 1:33
Height: 16-15/16" (43cm)
Length: 21-5/8" (55cm)
Beam: 6-5/16" (16cm)

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White Star
A model of a typical American motor boat, used for tuna fishing in Florida in particular. A motor boat model with plastic hull, especially designed for model builders interested in an RC model.

The Billing Boats kit of the White Star features: ABS hull and deck, wooden superstructure, hull and deck fittings in wood, brass and/or plastic, ramin masts, rigging cord in various sizes, Propshaft, rudder and propeller. Includes Full size plan sheets and an instruction manual with English Text.

Height: 11-13/16" (30cm)
Length: 21-1/4" (54cm)
Beam: 6-5/16" (16cm)
Scale: 1:15

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Milford Star
This small attractive side trawler, so typical of the thirties and forties was a conversion to a peace time trawler from one of eight Round Table Class minesweepers built around 1943 for war service. The design is based on the hull lines of Star of Orkney, a trawler built in 1936.

The hull is a fully detailed fiberglass molding with CNC cut ply deck and superstructure A full set of white metal fittings, dowel, tube, rod etc. to complete the model as illustrated. The Milford Star benefits greatly from the added paraphernalia of nets, buoys and ropes. Internal lighting can be added to give additional realism to those late night Summer and Autumn sailings.

Length: 36-3/4" (933mm)
Beam: 6-1/2" (165mm)
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A working boat with the lines and elegance of a yacht this Clyde Pilot cutter of the 60's - 70's era can be summed up as a 'boaters' boat. It looks like a modern motor vessel designed and built by an Edwardian yard and it has to be seen on the water to be appreciated to the full.

The hull is of GRP with full plating and rivet detail on the exterior. Ships boat and funnel are styrene moldings. The remainder of the model consists of die-cut ply parts, printed deck and wheelhouse overlays and all associated materials that are required. Instruction booklet and drawings, dowel, wire, rod, chain, rigging cord, transfers, prop and prop shaft make up our usual kit package topped off with a comprehensive set of white metal fittings. Drop the side gratings and watch your pilot grab the hand rails and step back aboard.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 34" (864mm)
Beam: 8" (203mm)
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