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Mr. Darby Superstructure

Mr. Darby Superstructure
Item# HAR1016
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Product Description

Superstructure Kit Includes:
-Plywood Deck
-Deck Beams and Bulkheads
-Plastic Overlayment
-Vacuum Formed Deck House
-Vacuum Formed Mast Base
-Laser Cut Wooden Pilot House
-Plastic Window Strip
-Cast Polymer; 3X Left Door, 2X Right Door, 2X Fire Hose in Box, 1X Deck Hatch
-Decal Pack with Flag
-Instruction Manual

Superstructure advantages and features:
-aircraft quality laser cut one-piece plywood decks
-laser cut acrylic overlayment deck pieces with a laser etched steel plate effect
-laser cut stanchion and bollard pin holes
-heavy duty preformed main superstructure unit
-laser cut pilot house with overhead viewing windows
-pre formed antenna mast base
-laser cut crane house
-cast polymer doors, fire hose in boxes, deck hatch
-self adhesive die cut decals including safety signs and striped yellow/black safety tape
-re-engineered aft deck with no potentially leaky access plate
-detailed instruction manual with photos

Mr. Darby Superstructure Photos (click to enlarge)