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Hudson Sound

Hudson Sound
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Product Description

This ship is the third addition to our growing range of MERCHANT vessels and is thought by many to be one of the most attractive ships to grace the North Sea. With the full co-operation of the owners, the HUDSON STEAMSHIP CO., we have modelled this version of one of their colliers that ran to the Thames until the 1960's supplying the huge demand for coal to feed the power stations of the London area. In between this task she ran many sea voyages from London to the ports of North Africa,Finland and Canada. She was eventually sold to a Panamanian Company. This hard working and proud little ship is still giving good service and was last seen transitting the Panama Canal resplendant in a lilac and black color scheme.

Scale: 1:96
Length: 990mm (39")
Beam: 139mm (5.5")

This attractive model with a length of 39" and beam of 5.5" makes into a super detailed replica of the ship, with all of its cluttered appearance. It has lots of carrying capacity for the largest nicads to please those who like a long sail together with plenty of room inside for adding smoke, sound, lights etc. Three trays of fittings come with the kit to add all the detail including cast metal fittings for the 8 massive coaling winches. All this is on our standard plated fiberglass hull, with prop, prop shaft with fitted oiler, a comprehensive set of instructions and FULL SIZE PLANS included.