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Patrol Boat, River - "Canned Heat"

Patrol Boat, River - "Canned Heat"
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Product Description

This is the fiberglass hull version.

In 1965 a river patrol force was formed to control the rivers of Vietnam designated “Game Warden” and was controlled by the U.S. Navy.
They had no craft suitable for the work, and the pressure of time precluded the normal design processes.
Approaches were made to the commercial market, and a craft was found that generally matched the requirements.
In 1965 the firm of United boat builders of Bellingham, Washington, started the first of the MK1 PBRs with an order for 160 of these craft. The craft was a 9.5 meter fiber glass boat powered by two water jets and were capable of 25 knots.
In 1967 a further order for 80 boats was placed with modifications reflecting operational experience, these were designated MK11 (the subject of this kit).
When the craft were in service, with weapons and extra weight, plus water absorption into the hull they were well over 1000 kgs overweight, hence the bows down attitude at rest. The craft served throughout the Vietnam war, and many were retained by the Vietnamese forces after the departure of the American forces.

A departure from the norm with this new addition to the fast launch range of kits that makes a excellent companion for the Swift boat in our range.
The kit of this well known fast craft is based on a one piece fiberglass hull. To speed assembly the deck, wheelhouse, motor mount, and nicad tray are vacuum formed in styrene.
As with all the Deans range of kits, a complete set of fittings is included, plus all the weapons carried by these heavily armed fast craft. A full size plan, and comprehensive instruction book aid assembly, and to add the finishing touch a complete set of decals in precut waterproof vinyl and self adhesive crests.
Due to the light weight of the model, the on the water performance with 6 volts and the recommended motor is outstanding, and with its short waterline length and the forward propeller and shaft set up, fast torque turns are possible.

Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/24
Length: 16-15/16" (430mm)
Beam: 5-11/16" (145mm)
Sailing weight: 2kgs

Patrol Boat River Photos (click to enlarge):