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Compass Rose Flower Class

Compass Rose Flower Class
Item# DEAN119
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Product Description

The Flower class corvette from Deans Marine represents a radical approach to kitting a successful attempt to produce a 1/96 scale warship at a price that will be acceptable to many, and a good start into the world of 1/8" scale working models.
A glassfibre hull construction is featured which means that with limited exceptions only one type of adhesive is required (I used Humbrol liquid poly, plus 5 minute epoxy for sealing prop and rudder tube into place and fixing some of the larger cast fittings) such comparatively inexpensive materials results in a kit costing half as much as a good r/c system.

Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/96
Length: 673mm (26.5")
Beam 114mm (4.5")

As noted above from a kit review in a leading marine modelling magazine, this kit, the first in a starter range consists of a one piece fiberglass hull with full plating detail.
Decks and superstructure are in 1mm and .5mm printed plastic sheet.
To add the required detail to the model without adding to top weight the kit includes over 100 items in cast light alloy or plastic, together with vacformings for the gun cab, funnel, boats etc. All stanchions, ladders, etc are in etched brass. Propeller, rudder and tiller are also included together with our recommendations for the motor, coupling and nicads etc.