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Product Description

H.M.S. KELLY was launched on the 25th October 1938 and began her short but active career when handed over to Captain, Lord Louis Mountbatten Royal Navy on 23rd August 1939. In May of the following year she was torpedoed by a German "E" Boat, nearly tearing her in half. For 91 hours, whilst under tow, she and her consorts fended off the unwelcome attentions of both "E" Boats and enemy bombers. Although many said she could never be repaired the work was completed and on re-commissioning she was ordered to the Mediteranian. During the evacuation of Crete in 1942 whilst in the company of H.M.S. Kashmir she was attacked and hit in the boiler room by a bomb that passed down the funnel. Still under way and with full helm she turned on her beam ends and sank.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/96
Length: 1.13m (44.5")
Beam: 114mm (4.5")
The model kit of this famous destroyer is based on a moulded glass fiber hull with full plating detail, ports, etc. As in most of the kits, superstructure and decks are in 1mm and .5mm plastic. To finish the model to the high detailed standard of all the Deans range, the main weapons, close range weapons and numerous small highly detailed fittings are cast in light alloy or vac-cast plastic. This is to save top weight and to give outstanding performance of this type of model on the water. This model is capable of being thrown around the lake at a scale speed in excess of 30 knots. To add the finishing touch and to give a near showcase model all complicated items such as gun turrets, funnel, boats etc are in vacformed plastic, brass etchings for stanchions, ladders etc giving a strong model to take the odd knocks and bumps.