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Narvick Kit

Narvick Kit
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Product Description

This class of ships was ordered by the German navy after the outbreak of W.W.11 on the 19/9/39. They differed from the previous class, the Z23/30 in only minor details and the fitting of larger funnel caps. The type 36 class, they were a well thought out and successful design. They did not join the fleet until 1942, all were completed with quad 20mm aft. and were soon fitted with the same weapon forward. As the war progressed, all the ships in the class were altered in their weapons fit since damage repairs and modifications were locally carried out.
Z37 and her sisters received little mods during their wartime careers. She had a fairly uneventful time, until she was attached to the 8th flotilla and sailed for western France in March 1943 where she was stationed until lost. She was rammed and damaged by Z32 on 30/1/44 and towed into Bordeaux, where the guns were landed for shore defence and the ship was gutted by fire. Z37 was constructed at the Germania yard, Kiel, and was launched on the 24/2/41 on a displ of 2637 tons, her engines produced 70,000 s.h.p. with a speed of 36 knots.
As in all the kits in the range, a FULL SIZE PLAN together with propshafts in stainless steel, proptubes in hard brass with replaceable bearings, rudder and tiller are included in this comprehensive kit.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/96
Length: 1.32m (52")
Beam: 127mm (5")
This addition to the DEANS range of models is probably the most requested kit ever made, a magnificent partner to the growing range of British ships. Considered by many to be one of the finest and most elegant warships ever to grace the seas, this model captures the fine lines and superb sea keeping qualities of the prototype. Based on a one piece glass fibre hull we have captured the rakish lines and the semi-tunnel underwater section of the original, making this model one of the more complex hulls to come from our workshops. Superstructure and decks in 1mm plastic, lots of cast alloy and cast plastic fittings to add the busy appearance of the full size craft, plus the DEANS trademark of quality, stanchions and ladders in brass etchings. The comprehensive instructions are in exploded view format and, a new addition, laser scanned photos to bring a high definition to the instructions and assist in constructing this classic model of a powerful W.W.11 destroyer.