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Tribal class or "F" class destroyers 1905 1908 programme. One of the policies of the first sea lord in 1904 was the production of an ocean going destroyer which should have the following capabilities:
A. Steam at 33 knots for 8 hrs in a moderate sea
B. Burn oil fuel
C. Carry 2 x 12.lb guns
D. Carry 7 days provisions "later 4 days"
This was something of a revolution in ship design requirements for those days, being 7.5 knots faster than any previous design particularly when the then novel turbines had yet to be built and tested (only 8 types were in service). Tenders were at last taken up and building of the new "F" class began, divided into 3 separate groups. With no fewer than 7 different yards involved it is hardly surprising that few of the ships looked the same. The 3 groups are:

The class was completed at an average cost of £137,000. On trials with a displacement of 1,000 tons a speed of 33 knots was achieved. The complement was 5 officers and 56 men.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/96
Length: 901mm (35.5")
Beam: 89mm (3.5")
The models are based on the period after the original ships' sea trials, when a number of modifications were carried out. To this end all ships were changed – up gunned to 2 x 4inch guns forward funnels lengthened so that fumes cleared the bridge, turtle decks removed to a standard fo/castle. This gave the ships the classic destroyer outline. The base of these models is a one piece vacformed or moulded fibreglass hull with all superstructures and decks in 1mm plastic, for one glue construction.
These models are designed with the beginner in mind and as a good starter to the world of warship modelling. They embody all the excitement of the building and driving of a warship without the task of constructing a full fleet model. The simple structure on the decks of these ships makes for very quick construction and with all funnels and boats in vacformings, allied with a full set of fittings in cast light alloy and cast plastic makes for an attractive model.
These ships have all the performance of their bigger sisters and have one of the most outstanding sea keeping qualities of all the models in the range. As the choice of motor and couplings is very important in the construction of these ships they can be supplied with the kit on request.

-One piece detailed fiber glass hull
-Printed or laser plastic for decks and superstructure -Metal and resin fittings
-Prop shafts, prop tubes, motor mounts, rudders
-Full size plans
-Decals as required