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Komet Kit

Komet Kit
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Product Description

S.Y. KOMET was constructed at Bremer Vulcan a.g. Vegesack 543 and launched on the 6-4-11.
She was designed and built as a governors yacht for Deutsche Neu Gunea (German New Guinea).
She was stationed there until 11-10-14. when she was taken as a war prize by the Australian navy and taken into service as a packet boat. She was then renamed the UNA or OLA and used as a pilot vessel.
Legends suggest that she was later called the Captain Cook and based in Sydney Harbour and used as a cruise / tourist ship at the time, photos show her with a modified bridge front and bearing the PILOTS name on her hull side under the bridge, but these picture are dated 1949,.?
She was then sold in 1925 and traveled to England and named the AKUNA and used as a gentleman’s steam yacht until she was paid of in 1951. The ship was removed from the Lloyds register of shipping in 1957.
Komet was built of steel up to the boatdeck, the wheelhouse was of Mahogony, or steel and paneled in the same, He GRT was 977 tons.
Her power was from twin steam boilers powering twin triple expansion engines to two screws with a H.P of 1400 giving a top speed of 13 knots.
She carried a crew of 160 and was lightly armed with one 37 mm rapid fire cannon and one 8mm machine gun both on pedestal mountings.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/50
Length: 1.157m (45.5")
Beam: 212mm (8.3")
This model is based on a glass-fibre hull with full plating and port detail. The two main cabin assembly are also glass fibre detailed moulding to ease construction and make the model more suitable for the fitting of a stem plant if desired.
The main and boat decks are from 1/16th marine plywood with pre-printed deck planking.
The funnel, ships boats, ventilator cowls, and water tank are supplied as vacforming in 1mm styrene, and to complete the model a full set of detailed fittings in cast metal and plastic are included in the kit and to add the superfine detail to this elegant model, a full sheet of brass etched parts of over 300 components add the superfine detail to this model. Also included is a comprehensive instruction book and two full size plans. As in all the Deans kits propshafts, props and rudder are included.
And new item in the kit range is the use of computer cut “wood” paneling for fine details such as doors and paneling to give the correct “timber” effect and relief detail to door panels and paneling, and to remove the arduous task of cutting, sanding and staining very unscale woodwork.