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Ditmar Koel

Ditmar Koel
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Product Description

The great estuary of the Elbe is renowned for its difficult navigation, and a posting to the Elbe 1 station requires some of the best pilots on the seas.
The pilot service is still of prime important despite technical advances over the years, and the Elbe 1 station has a long tradition.
Named after a legendary Captain of the Hamburg authorities in Hanseatic times. The first Pilot cutter of this name was launched in 1934 at the Stucken yard.
The ship is stationed in the Elbe estuary and Pilots are put aboard inbound vessels and taken of on outgoing vessels, in all but the very worst conditions. The ship has a large mess on the main deck, and a large dormitory below.
On a gross tonnage of 670 tons the Ditmar Koel is powered by 2 triple expansion steam engines developing 1,700 hp, this gives a speed of 13 knot.
The ship has a compliment of 31 crew and carries 44 pilots.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/45
Length: 1.21m (47.6:")
Beam: 229mm(9")
The model is based on a glassfibre hull with all details such as rubbing strips and freeing ports moulded into the hull.
The decks are from marine grade plywood with the Deans planking method. The superstructure is assembled from pre-printed plastic sheets and the complete fwd and aft assembly is removable for access.
Funnel, cowl vents and ships boats are vacformed in polystyrene to speed construction.
The kit is complete with a full set of fittings and all running gear. A comprehensive instruction book and a full size plan is included.
The instructions also will include details of fitting a live steam plant when the new twin cylinder, twin engine, plant reaches the market.