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This class of destroyer is most probably the best known and the most successful to serve in the Royal Navy. They were the most numerous and longest serving class of ships ever built. The Vanquisher was completed at J. Brown & Co on the Clydebank in 1917 on a displ, of 1,090 tons with engines of 27,000 s.h.p. to give a maximum speed of 34 knots. Vanquisher served in the Royal Navy throughout the second world war when she was converted to a long range escort. Almost totally worn out after her long and strenuous service she was sold for scrapping in March 1947. Thought by many to be the best looking of all the British destroyers constructed, these ships were the most coveted command of many a naval officer. The classic lines of these ships can be seen in a larger size in all following British ships in the A to I class, of which the Daring is an example.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/96
Length: 1.03m (40.6")
Beam: 95mm (3.7")
This model captures the attractive and dainty looks of this class of ships. The plated fibreglass hull with its slender lines gives a good start to the model. All deck and superstructure parts are in printed 1mm & .5mm plastic sheet, with vac-formings used for the boats, funnels, gun shields and in the mounts of the triple t/tubes carried in this class of ship. To complement the kit over 400 fittings in cast light alloy and cast plastic give the clutter and detail to enable a working model of showcase standard to be produced.