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Product Description

The latest addition to the merchant ship fleet and one of the most up to date additions and the most colourfull.
The MUIRNEAG has just, in 2003, been introduced to the Caledonian Macbrayne fleet for service on there famous Highlands ferry service.
She was built in 1982 at the Frederikshaven werf in Denmark as a class FV 610 256 TEU RO/RO ship.
Her power is supplied by a MaK 12M453AK diesel engine giving output of 5000 hk driving a single VP propeller giving a service speed of 15 knots. To aid close confine handling she is also fitted with a 2000 HK$ bow thruster unit.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/100
Length: 1.11m (43.7")
Beam: 205mm (8.1")
One of the most up to date vessels to be added to the Deans Marine merchant fleet with probably one of the most complicated and detailed glass fibre moulding to come from our workshops.
The hull is moulded up to the bridge deck level and includes all port and rubbing strip detail. The bulwarks around the main car deck are part of this moulding.
The bridge structure is of computer generated 1mm printed plastic. All fittings, including the multi purpose hydraulic winches are provided in the kit along with a full set of running gear for single shaft and twin rudders. Instructions are also included for the fitting of a bow thruster unit for those drivers that require extreme manouvering power as per the prototype ship.
These, together with a comprehensive instruction book and a FULL SIZE PLAN assist in the assembly of this impressive model.