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Hudson Firth

Hudson Firth
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Built by the Ailsa Shipbuilding co, Troon, Launched 1949
In the post war rebuilding period, a series of 4,500 ton colliers was built between 1946-1956 with an average length between PP of 320 feet.
The first vessel delivered was the HUDSON STRAIT, completed in 1946 for the Hudson Steam ship co followed by her sister the HUDSON FIRTH in 1949
She was designed as a collier to supply the London power stations. and did sterling work for many years in this trade.
When the decline in the coal trade became evident the Hudson Steamship Co refitted her with oil burning engines and cargo handling gear for mixed freight trade.
Far and wide she did roam in her new work, she is recorded in place such as Canada. South Africa, and many ports on the Atlantic seaboard.
She passed to Panamanian owners in 1967 who traded her for a further five years, and after her last cargo was discharged at Birkenhead, she departed for the breakers yard of W.H. Arnott Young at Dalmuir on the Clyde.
Details of the kit:
Scale: 1/96
Length: 1.09m (42.9")
Beam: 146mm (5.7")
This attractive model makes into a super detailed replica of the ship, with all of its cluttered appearance.
It has lots of carrying capacity for the largest nicads to please those who like a long sail together with plenty of room inside for adding smoke, sound, lights etc.
Three trays of fittings come with the kit to add all the detail including cast metal fittings for the 10 massive cargo winches. Anchor windlass and mooring windlass.
All this is on our standard plated glassfibre hull with prop and propshaft with fitted oiler, a comprehensive set of instructions and a FULL SIZE PLAN included.