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Julie M II

Julie M II
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Product Description

This craft is a model of the type of general service craft built around the turn of the century by William Denny & Co.

Modified to suit individual tastes and functions, these type of craft were the forerunners of the first torpedo boats, often fitted with a Spar Torpedo, or later a single tube fitted on the bows. When made obsolete these craft were used in many ports and harbors worldwide for general duties, such as mail and picket boats. They were the most common on the far eats stations, were the art of spit and polish or keeping things "tiddley" was brought to a fine art.
Coal; fired with reciprocating engines of assorted power, these craft generally had a top speed of 13-14 knots.

The hull lines were carried on for many years as the design was copied for many steam yachts and launches.

When sold out of general service many were snapped up as private launches.

We have been told that this small river steam launch was constructed by Denny Bros for use in the rivers of Siam as a postal and service craft for the Royal family at that time. She lasted from the turn of the century, when she was shipped out to Siam in sections and reassembled.

She popped up again during the 1920s, and again in the 1960,s during the troubles. We have been informed that she was "borrowed" by the Special Forces for clandestine operations, at which time the wheelhouse was plated with sheet steel, and a purloined 20mm Cannon mounted in the bows. She has since vanished from the scene, and there are certain problems with trying to trace any more of her history.

Details of the kit

Length: 30" (762mm)
Beam: 4-3/4" (120mm)
Sailing weight: 4.4lbs (2kgs)

This kit is based on a fiberglass hull with port & plating molded into the surface of the hull. The deck is laser cut & engraved with planking detail from 1.5mm birch faced plywood, the Main cabin, hatch and funnel are vac-formed in 1mm styrene Hi Impact plastic sheet for "one Glue" assembly. A full set of fittings in cast alloy & resin is included in the kit with set of decals and name plates, Prop shaft and prop, rudder & tiller are included in the kit along with a full size plan and a comprehensive set of instructions plus a c/d of pictures of the build from the original model.