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E.S.F. Surveyor

E.S.F. Surveyor
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Product Description


Scale: 1/20
Length: 31" (780mm)
Beam: 10" (250mm)

E.S.F. Surveyor is a fisheries research vessel designed by CAMMARC Ltd of Worthing, and constructed by the shipbuilders HALMATIC of Southampton in 1991.

She was commissioned and run by the Eastern Sea Fisheries joint committee, and was stationed in Kings Lynn, Norfolk for fisheries research in and around the Wash and the north Norfolk coast. She has some very unusual design features in connection with her work. The complete bridge and wheelhouse is offset to the STB side with entrance doors only on the port side. This is to give clear space under decks and in the hold for the research laboratory that is capable of sucking up water, fish and bottom creatures, analyzing them in a continuous manner and depositing everything back in to the water through a stern opening unharmed, Anything of interest can be stored and carried back to base for further studies, along with pollution detection features that assist in protecting the valuable fishing beds in the wash. All the information gathered is transmitted continuously back the H Q with the powerful and complex communications fitted to her.

She is flat bottomed with two skegs to protect the props and rudders to enable her to sit on the mudflats in the wash, launch and recover Gemini’s or research staff back on board. She has since been sold out of service and a new ship will be replacing her in 2011.

The Model is based on a fiberglass hull with fender strips, and port detail moulded into the hull.

Computer generated plastic for the main deck and superstructure is LASER CUT from 1.5mm HIPs plastic sheet for fast assembly, also included is plastic printed in 6 colors and is used for fine detail and finishing on the superstructure to give quick and crisp assembly.

A full set of fittings in cast light alloy, resin and clear cast resin give the finishing touch to the model adding the vital clutter that is so much part of this attractive research vessel with so much appeal.

A full set of waterslide decals for the color full markings and computer cut cast vinyl name decals, plus a set of warning symbols and signs to add the splash of color that makes this vessel stand out.

As in all of the Deans kits a set of running gear is included, consisting of the prop shafts, tillers and full instructions keyed to a FULL SIZE plan with embedded color pictures to assist in the construction of the model.

With her twin screws, set far apart, flat bottomed with twin skegs, the maneuverability of the models is outstanding as on par with the full size craft.

Painting instructions are part of the construction notes with tips for using the latest car spray ACRYLIC paint which gives a fast and hard wearing finish.