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US Coast Guard 36500 36' Motor Lifeboat

US Coast Guard 36500 36' Motor Lifeboat
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Product Description

The CG 36500 is famous for the rescue of 32 men from the tanker S. S. Pendleton, which broke in half during a winter storm off Chatham Bar, the elbow of Cape Cod (also known as New England's graveyard of ships). To this day, the saving of the Pendleton crew remains the single greatest small-boat rescue in the history of the United States Coast Guard. The crew received the Gold Life Saving Medal for hard work during this cold, dark rescue attempt. This kit features balsa planking over laser cut lite ply frames Detail parts include cast metal fittings, color flags and decals, and a sheet of laser cut birch ply detail pieces. The kit has excellent documentation with it's full size plan, 43 page instruction manual and packet of 59 figure drawings.

Running Hardware Kit: DUM2371
Motor: MFA01
Speed Control: TIO15
Battery: ONXP5510
Battery Charger: HAR4032
Any transmitter receiver combo will work. Here are our options: RADIOS

Length: 27"
Beam: 8"
Scale: 1:16