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Carol Moran, 1:24th Scale

Carol Moran, 1:24th Scale
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Product Description

This 50" model features balsa planking over laser cut poplar plywood frames. The cabin and pilot house are constructed from die-cut and laser cut poplar plywood with expanded pvc sheeting. The kit includes all of the detail pieces such as turned brass stanchions, cast metal parts, several large urethane castings, vacuum formed parts, decals and laser cut detail pieces. A 54 page instruction booklet and 108 corresponding figure drawings walks you step-by-step through construction. And as you would expect from a boat this size, it is a fantastic running model. If you have been thinking you might want to try living large, then you have to take a look at the new Carol Moran.

Length: 50"
Beam: 13-1/2"
Scale: 1/24th

***Note: This kit does not come with a propeller or propeller shaft. All R/C equipment is sold separately.

These items will work great with this tug and will provide significantly more power than the Dumas Running Hardware Kit, to be used on 12 volts:
Motor with Motor Mount: MFA800
Propeller Shaft: HAR2004 (3/16" - Standard 14" Length)
Propeller: PD9011-4 (3/16" Shaft, right or left hand will work fine)
Coupler: MFAC (3/16" x 1/4")