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Invader Kit

Invader Kit
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Product Description

Invader was the first in a series of 25 high-horsepower tugs built for Crowley Maritime during the 1970s, and these boats are still the mainstay of the Crowley sea-going fleet today. Powered by the largest GM diesels ever built for ocean service, these 9,000 horsepower brutes are famous for their high towing speeds and bollard pull.
The 136-foot Invader class boats are, pound for pound, some of the most awesome boats working and are used for everything from ultra-large ocean tows, to tanker escorts, to harbor ship assists.

The Harbor Models semi-kit includes a 1-piece fiberglass hull with bulwarks and caprail molded on, fiberglass superstructure including deckhouse, smokestack with plenum and pilothouse, plywood deck, as well as a cast polymer fitting set which includes doors, life rings, portholes, hatches and more. Also comes with a top and side view of full-size plans.

Scale: 1/32
Length: 51"
Beam: 14"

Optional Items:
Invader Hull Only
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-2 MFA800 Motors with Motor Mounts
-2 Heavy Duty Universal Joints
-2 Shaft and Stuffing Tube Sets
-2 Cast Polymer Shaft Supports
-2 Cast Polymer Split Rudders
-2 Prop Shop 4" 5-Blade Propellers
-1 High-Torque Servo
-1 steering control setup (rudder arms, pushrods and clevis)
Availability: Usually ships the next business day