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Fire Monitor, 1/32nd Scale

Fire Monitor, 1/32nd Scale
Item# HAR3525
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Product Description

Working Fire Monitor

Provided unpainted, assembly required.
Scale: 1/32
Height (monitor): 1.5"
Height (including output pipe): 2"
Hand wheel dia: 3/8"
Uses 1/8" ID tubing to make connection to the pump, found below.




Tubing 1/8" or 5/32" ID
1/8" or 5/32" Inner Diameters, choose from the dropdown menu
Very strong yet flexible.
Grabs onto nipples and won't let go.
Either fits 1/8" to 1/4" nipples

Sold by the foot
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Water Pick-up
Fits through the bottom or side of the hull/bulwarks. Aluminum fixture with retaining nut makes for a smooth finished look.
Accepts 1/8" Tubing
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Single Relay Switch
BattleSwitch is a relay switch that you toggle via hobby radio control gear. You can use DoubleSwitch to quickly and easily control lighting systems with two different voltages, motors, pumps, smoke generators, sound units and more! Will also control glow plugs and BattleBot weaponry. You can activate applications with voltage levels as high as 240VAC without having to know anything about microcontroller logic levels or transistors because the relay offers full electrical isolation from your receiver electronics.

BattleSwitch plugs into a standard hobby radio control receiver as easily as a servo does. You connect the load that you want to toggle using BattleSwitch's wear resistant screw terminals. Depending on the channel you use, you will then be able to control the relay by moving your radio's control stick up or down, left or right, or with a switch on your transmitter.

BattleSwitch has a status LED on the bottom. The LED will light up when the relay switch is on, and vice versa. It will also tell you if your radio link is too weak by flashing repeatedly.

The relay is a single pole double throw switch. Its typical lifetime is 100,000 switching cycles, depending on how heavy a load you are using.

BattleSwitch does not supply power at the screw terminals.

Maximum current: 10Amp @ 28 VDC
Dimensions: 1.25" X 1.25" X 0.9"
Twelve inch servo pigtail
Availability: Usually ships the next business day