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Extra Small Smoke Generator

Extra Small Smoke Generator
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Product Description

Harbor Models has now released the new EXTRA SMALL SMOKER!

The Extra Small Scale Smoke Generator is a great way to add that extra touch of realism to your smaller R/C Models. The unit features a brushless sleeve bearing fan for efficient and quiet operation, very low power consumption, extended run time, and a very compact size of 1 1/2 L, 1 1/2 W, and 1 1/2 H without tubing/wiring, and a weight of just over 1 OZ when filled with fluid, suitable for most 24 and under models that offer minimal room for installation. The Low Spill design is ideal for Rock Crawlers that operate at steep angles, as well as Smaller Boats that tend to roll, pitch, or pound. The Extra Small Scale Smoker will put out a fair amount of smoke proportional to their ultra-compact size.

Perfect for tiny models of all types. Works great in ships, speed boats, trains, tanks, and even cars! Our new technology allows for this unit to shake, bump, slide, and even roll up to 40 degrees and not spill!

Provided with two feet of 1/4" tubing, two-way tape pre-attached to the bottom for easy installation, an alcohol swab to clean the area for attaching, instruction sheet and one, two oz bottle of smoke fluid (good for about 10 hours of runtime).

In order to accomplish the longer run times and lower power consumption the volt limit is important. If you have any concern that you may be providing your smoke generator more volts than stated on the unit please use a voltage regulator like the one found below in the accessories list.

This unit must be hooked up to the output of a Electronic Speed Control, you cannot hook directly to a battery or power source.

Available in three different voltage inputs, choose from the dropdown menu.

Warranty: All our smoke generators are tested for perfect functionality before shipping. For more information on warranty please download and read the instruction sheet found below.

FAQ Sheet Download
WARNING The smoke fluid provided with this unit can have health effects if used for extended periods of time in unventilated areas for more information please download the Material Safety Data Sheet below:



Smoker Generator Fluid, 2 sizes
Extra smoke fluid for your smoke generator.
2 or 4oz Ounce Container - choose from dropdown menu

This fluid is a petroleum-based product. DO NOT ingest. Keep out of the reach of children and store out of direct sunlight.


Use this smoke fluid with all Harbor Models' smoke generators.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Voltage Regulator
Have a 12 volt battery and need to run 6 or 3 volt lights? Here is the perfect solution. Easily wire in 12 volts, dial down the easy-to-read digital meter to whatever voltage you require and hook up the lights to the output. Simple as that.
Not for use with motors or high current hardware. For larger current draw applications use the Harbor Models' Power Distribution Panel.

Step-Down DC voltage regulator.
Input: 4-40V.
Output: 1.25-37V adjustable, 1.5A continuous current.
3A max.
Digital voltmeter.
Two 2-position screw terminals for easy wire insertion.
2.6" x 1.4" x 0.5". Mounting holes.

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Availability: Usually ships the next business day