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HMS Snake

HMS Snake
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Product Description

Kit includes:
18 cast carronade; double plank on bulkhead hull; walnut CNC parts; 900 copper plates; black and natural hemp for rigging; full size plans and comprehensive instruction book.

The Snake kit has been designed with the novice / intermediate builder in mind and is ideal as a first or second model for the introduction to plank on frame building. The Snake class were ship rigged sloops. This class was very business like with a flush deck and nine cannons or carronades each side, they were very fast and seaworthy. As originally built Snake had a full ordinance of 32 pounder carronades. Carronades replaced the carriage guns because at close quarters the short range carronades proved devastating to their opponents. Class dimensions were: length 100; breadth 306; displacement 382 tons with a crew of 121.

Scale: 1:64
Length: 35-13/16" (910mm)
Beam: 13-3/4" (350mm)
Height: 24" (610mm)

Difficulty Level:
Beginner/Intermediate Kit: These kits are suitable for a confident beginner or anyone who has previous model building experience.