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Power Distribution Panel

Power Distribution Panel
Item# TOM118
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Product Description

The original Power Distribution Panel is back!

This nifty little gizmo eliminates the need for many different voltage battery packs.
Simple connect the two leads to a 12v power source or battery and the power panel will break down the voltages into the following:
2x 12v for motor ESC connection
2x 6v for motors, lighting or other 6 volt functions
1x 5v for receiver power
2x 3v for lighting or small motors

Each circuit has its own on/off switch so you can determine which functions you want running. There is also a main on/off switch so you can power your entire project with the flip of one toggle. Each circuit has screw terminals for positive and negative and are marked to keep polarity correct.

Width: 5 1/2" (width mounting tabs) 4 3/8" (just the enclosure)
Depth: 3 1/2" (with the terminal strip)
Height: 2 1/2"

Download Instruction Sheet Here