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Mushroom Vents, 4 Sizes

Mushroom Vents, 4 Sizes
Item# RB091
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Product Description

Comes in kit form, you must slide the pieces together and glue them into place.

The key for how to look at these dimensions is found next to the product image above.
6mm Size:
R=1/4" (6mm)
H=11/16" (11mm)
f=1/8" (3mm)
8mm Size:
R=15/16" (8mm)
H=15/16" (12mm)
f=5/32" (4mm)
10mm Size:
R=3/8" (10mm)
H=7/8" (22mm)
f=3/16" (5mm)
12mm Size:
R=15/32" (12mm)
H=7/8" (22mm)
f=1/4" (6mm)

Assembly Images